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Mon 21st May 2012

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Oman316 commented on Rumour: Sniper Elite V2 Coming To Wii U March ...:

Im willing to give anything a go once....twice if i like it. We as consumers need to at least try these new additions to the wii u library! Granted its not gunna be for everyone, but those of us that have a little interest in these sorts of titles should at least give them the time of day......who knows, you might just enjoy it!



Oman316 commented on Call of Duty: Black Ops II Wii U Update Hits A...:

I know that the cod franchise is xbox friendly, but why does ninty always have to get ripped off? It doesnt matter how hard they chase these devs, the devs still dont care for nintendo and what they stand for....the gameing experience ! If they did they wouldnt pussyfoot around with these so called updates and tiptoe around the whole dlc thing......jesus christ ubisoft is doing it with ac3 why cant activision? Hey treyarch.......u wanna be taken seriously like infinity ward.......GET UR poo TOGETHER !!!!!!!



Oman316 commented on Demiurge Studios Handling Aliens: Colonial Mar...:

The thing that concerns me is that we've been hearing about this game for 12 months,, a developer that I've never heard of is @ the helm and we're not going to get it @ launch........... I hope gearbox has a plan in place!!!!