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Here's An Enormous LEGO NES Controller That Actually Works

Posted by Orla Madden

Colour us amazed

If you're a fans of LEGO and the NES, you need look no further. It's taken him four months, but Baron von Brunk has created a gigantic NES controller out of LEGO. It's the ultimate accessory.

Von Brunk began the project in July 2012, to coincide with the 25th anniversary release of the first The Legend of Zelda title for the NES.

The incredible thing about the controller is that it actually functions just like the real thing, and von Brunk has included a video in his blog - which you can watch below - so you can check out the behemoth controller in action. Let us know your thoughts!

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DarkNinja9 said:

lol this is so odd but cool in a way xD wonder how long exactly it took him though



IsawYoshi said:

And I thought was enough to step on a lego brick, but now they fuse it with an nes controller? Must be the most painfull thing to ever step on



Auracle said:

Positive: If you get mad and break your controller, you can just put it back together.
Negative: If you get mad and break your controller, you can just put it back together over the span of four months.



KAHN said:

he's using an emulator, not an actual NES. i'd like to see it be used on a REAL NES.



Doge said:

1. thats awesome
2. this guy has no life, to have that much time and determination to actually build that. hopefully no offense taken



Drawdler said:

I don't think a NES themed coffee table would be too hard to make. Just get a sufficiently sized board and a glass top table and print or paint a NES or NES controller onto it. It wouldn't be too hard to set that underneath the glass with a bit of handiwork.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Thats pretty cool, seen something else like this except it was a SNES controller made of wood.

@NintedoForeverForever These projects are usually done during spare time, just like any other hobby. They also tend to be one-offs too.

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