Since its release in October 2012 in Japan, Bravely Default: Flying Fairy has been what can be considered a success, shipping 300,000 copies across Japan.

Speaking with 4Gamer, Producer Tomoyo Asano revealed the figure, while saying he believes that at the end of the month the sales figures will equal those that shipped:

Yes, I’d like to report to everyone that Bravery Default has broken over 300,000 copies shipped. I think by the end of the month, the sales numbers will achieve 300,000.

During the interview, Asano also teased at some upcoming developments at Square Enix:

The official [Bravely Default] Twitter account has been in a silent state lately, partly because the consumer camp has been all out of information. However, from this year to about next year, I’m thinking there are a lot of things that I want to prepare for everyone to look forward to, so please continue to follow the Twitter account. I want to share information with everyone as soon as developments start again, so thank you in advance.

We won't get too excited just yet, but is it possible that a Western release may be on the horizon?