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3DS Surpasses 10 Million Sales in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

It keeps on rolling

While worldwide performance and firm figures are either hard to find or occasionally shown to be modest, one thing is certain — the 3DS is emerging as a major sales success in Japan. Perhaps due to the power of franchises — Animal Crossing: New Leaf has been a monster hit — the handheld's performance is such that it's already surpassed the lifetime sales of the PlayStation 3 in Nintendo's homeland.

After passing various landmarks last year, it's emerged that the handheld has now hit a particularly significant target by reaching ten million sales in Japan. According to figures from Enterbrain the handheld has hit the impressive milestone in just 98 weeks, and it's continuing to dominate the hardware charts on a weekly basis. There are more big releases on the way to the region such as Monster Hunter 4, while the arrival of Pokémon X & Y in October won't exactly harm the system's prospects.

The future for the 3DS in Japan couldn't look much brighter, and if this year's releases can also prompt a surge of sales in the West, Nintendo and its shareholders could be very happy indeed.


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gavn64 said:

2011 haters say: its doomed
2013 haters say: (nothing there hiding in the deepest crevices of the internet) XD



ajcismo said:

Betcha sales would be better here in the States if we had the software Japan gets.



AbeVigoda said:

In Canada over the holidays, many retailers were selling the 3DSXL for $149 and they were flying off the shelves. I would imagine that when the North American sales numbers for December come out, we will see quite a boost.



NintyMan said:

Nintendo is capitalizing on their homeland sales with the release of hit games, as they should. With Pokemon X and Y now announced, the 3DS will be absolutely dominating even more in Japan come October.



SuperCharlie78 said:

There's also Dragon Quest VII in the japanese 2013 line up, and SMT IV if I'm not wrong...
The question is, why should we care if a lot of games don't get it to the west?
I suppose I must be happy if Nintendo goes well in their country, and japanese support is important, but who cares if at the end all we find in stores is Scribblenauts, Adventure Time and Ben 10?
I'm not even allowed to buy a retail copy of Code of Princess or Etrian Odyssey, which is unlikely to come in PAL territories, due to the region lock.
They're doing it wrong with us european players, forced to play Mario games until death and plenty of shovelware



Savino said:

Printing money all over again!
Pokemon will make this little beast reach the 16 million before the xmas!



gavn64 said:

abevigoda is right the december north american sales of 3ds are over a million. 3ds is getting there in the west its always gonna be slower japan gets everything first.



misswliu81 said:

if only nintendo of america and europe did the same for 3DS owners in the west, as they'd do in native japan. nonetheless, again nintendoomed? yeah right. so doomed when the 3DS is still performing well in their home country.



ultraraichu said:

I can only imagine the amount of streetpass you can get within 10 minutes in the busy parts, must be alot.



Peach64 said:

I just wish they'd take off in the West, so we keep getting Japanese games localised and of course original Western games. I'm hoping that the recent offer that most of Europe got for the free downloadable game has helped. I know a bunch of people on the online gaming forums I visit bought a White DS XL in the last month because of it, but they might not really be a good indication of the general public.

Just in the last few days, the big online retailers have been discounting it too, knocking £60 off. That's around 30% off the RRP, same discount that the Wii U Premium bundle has been getting, although it didn't sound like that worked too well in shifting units, hopefully the 3DS fares better.



Weezywe3ds said:

Wait till they Announce Zelda, Donkey kong, kirby and the Next Supr Mario Game 3D Land was just a tease they going to do something like 64 or Galaxy on the 3DS Maybe Super Mario Galaxy 3D Fingers crossed and if there is a card nintendo holding close its probally F-Zero



LztheQuack said:

@SuperCharlie78 One problem. We are getting some of the big titles that Japan is getting, including Monster Hunter 3U and Animal Crossing. If you wanna point at other games like Code of Princess, then blame the publishers for that.



ecco6t9 said:

Still a failure since it didn't outsell the DS. At least that's how analysts and investors think.

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