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Fire Emblem: Awakening Getting The Pre-Order Bonus Treatment In The U.S.

Posted by Andy Green

GameStop has limited edition character art books to give away

The highly anticipated 3DS strategy RPG Fire Emblem: Awakening will finally become available in North America on 4th February 2013. The game sees you take control of Lord Chrom and the Shepherds as they endeavour to rid the land of a new evil.

To celebrate the release GameStop is offering a very special pre-order bonus: a superb character art book. The book shows off various artistic designs for several of the game's characters including Chrom, his sister Lissa and his lieutenant, Frederick. We must stress that this is not the Knights of Iris art book; sadly that remains a Japan-only publication.

The limited edition character art book is available while stocks last online and in-store, so if you haven't pre-ordered yet, now might be a good time to do it.

Fire Emblem: Awakening is set to be released in April in Europe. For those unfamiliar with the series Nintendo has released an introductory video which explores the features of the upcoming game.

Will you be pre-ordering this one, American gamers?


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SkywardLink98 said:

Maybe. An art book isn't much of a pre-order bonus, and I haven't played a Fire Emblem game before so I doubt I'll risk $40 on it.



Burning_Spear said:

I'm through pre-ordering at GameStop and being told the store never received the bonus item. ... But they'll still take your 40 bucks.



Spoony_Tech said:

@Burning_Spear It must be the gamestops near you cus I always get mine. As a matter of fact I had them call me once when I didn't get it to let me know it was there. Plus I never have anything but praise for the gamestops around here! With that said now is the time for me to pre order this.



Jaz007 said:

Sweet pre-orderd at gamestop a while back, so this is a great additionto the deal.



Ash_Anne said:

It is very possible that the store near you doesn't get a lot of the pre order bonus items, or the employees take them. They are allowed to take the pre order bonus since they are not guaranteed to the customer.



NImH said:

@Ash_Anne Yep! I never got my Adventure Time lanyard when I preordered at Gamestop... But the dude who handled my preorder was lookin spiffy sporting one! I didn't even think about it until I got home. Next time, I'll be sure to claim what's mine.



Klunk23 said:

Great! I've already preordered the game from gamestop. This is wonderful.



Nardar said:

Now if the pre-order was the Soundtrack, I obviously would pre-order it.



SheldonRandoms said:

Everybody in that picture is going to pre-order the game for the artbook, except for that one guy, I have no idea what he's doing.



shinpichu said:

I might preorder, but not through Gamestop. If there was a soundtrack, I'd seriusly consider it, but an art book isn't a big incentive for me.



Boo_Buster said:

@Burning_Spear I have never had any problems with the GameStop in my area so you are certainly speaking for yourself. I take that back... They do offer next to nothing when trading in a game... but I only buy games I keep so it's never a problem for me.



AVahne said:

I'll be preordering, though I'm getting tired of having to "remind" the employees about pre-order bonuses.



SomeBitTripFan said:

I need to go pre-order this!!! Hopefully they won't take so long bringing the game. (You still aren't forgiven for not bringing my Xenoblade art book though.)



TruenoGT said:

Dislike Gamestop, but it seems that many other pre-order bonuses head to other places like Amazon, so I hope that's the case here. I love Yusuke Kozaki's character art, so it would be cool to get the book.



Zombie_Barioth said:

Am I the only one tired of GS exclusives? It seems like 80% of all pre-order bonuses these days end up as exclusives, even the CCP fell prey to it.

The only time I shop there is when I'm in town looking around, otherwise I shop at Amazon. Not a diehard FE fan so I might wait on getting it anyway, there are a ton of games coming out around the same time as is.



paburrows said:

So I'm curious, how much like Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is Fire Emblem? I love FFTA 1 & 2 and want more of those type of games.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@paburrows Aside from being SRPGs, not very much. Characters don't learn magic or master skills through equipment but use magic by equipping tomes in lou of weapons and using scrolls, respectively. Characters change class by reaching a certain level or using a "master scroll" but all the class change does is increase stats and maybe allow them to use another weapon class. Weapons and magic form a rock/paper/scissors style system and of course theres the series rather infamous perma-death.

To tell you the truth Fire Emblem sorta reminds me of chess more than your typical grid based RPG.



SyFyTy said:

I'm in I want this. I collect laser cells of Fire Emblem series, numbered originals., also this game will be the best game for my 3ds until Advance Wars shows it's like again. heres hoping.



Millenia said:

Pre-order bonuses are a weakness of mine... going to go pre-order it tomorrow. xD



CanisWolfred said:

Phewph, it's just an artbook. The character designs in this game are hideous. And I was afraid I'd be missing out on something good by not pre-ordering it.

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