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Europe Is Getting White And Pikachu Yellow 3DS XL Consoles Before The Year Is Out

Posted by Andy Green

Dreaming of a white Christmas

It seemed as if poor old Europe was on Nintendo's naughty list this year seeing as it has missed out on several limited edition 3DS XL consoles - like the Charizard and Animal Crossing models exclusive to Japan - but thankfully this is not the case as Nintendo has revealed two new colours will arrive in Europe just in time for Christmas.

These new versions are a gloriously sleek white model and of course the hotly anticipated Pikachu Yellow edition. The white model comes in two variations, the first comes pre-installed with Super Mario 3D Land while the other will have Mario Kart 7 available on the grid from the off. The Pikachu Yellow console doesn't come with anything installed, sadly - you'll have to gain your entertainment from looking at those adorable eyes printed on the top of the case instead.

The limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL White pre-installed with Mario Kart 7 will be available in stores from November 16th onwards while the Super Mario 3D Land variant becomes available on the same day as the Wii U: November 30th. Rabid Pokémon fans will have to wait a little longer for the Pikachu 3DS XL, as it hits shelves December 7th.

Will you be asking Santa for one of these beauties? As with all 3DS XL units in Europe they won't come with an AC power adapter, so make sure if you do ask for one this holiday season, you get yourself a charger as well.

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Sun said:

I wanted the non-existing black so I got the silver instead.



Gavin_Rozee said:

I'd never get the Pikachu one as once you see that Pikachu has big black nipples, you can't unsee it.



dudey300 said:

Getting the Pikachu 3DS XL for sure. Nice to see we get the White model too!

Also, welcome Andy!



Suportedcofe said:

I was getting an xl for mystery dungeon later anyway but I'm totally getting the pikatchu one this year.



Mahe said:

Does anybody know if the preloaded software will be wiped out if you do a system transfer?

That is, if you transfer your profile from another 3DS to one where there is preloaded software, does the transfer erase the preloads from the target system?



Pokefanmum82 said:

It combines the games so no the preinstalled software will not be erased. Where's the love for NA? I want the pikachu one.



Auracle said:

If we're lucky, maybe NA will get a Charizard XL instead. The Pikachu XL is nice, but the Charizard XL is awesome.



Tymek said:

@True_Hero You are ABSOLutely right. I am jealous of Japan.

HNNNNG, I want this so much.
Or atleast the White Mario Kart 7 3DS XL.
But, god, I'd be freaking happy to have a Charizard XL.
I wouldn't even care if it's Japaneese or not.



zipmon said:

One step closer to the New World, Pikachu! It's nice over here! =)

Also welcome aboard Andy!!



ThreadShadow said:

Oh come on NA! Where's our White 3DS XL announcement already? I really want the white one, but I'm just one payday away from caving and getting the red one....come on!!!



crumpledpapyrus said:

Thanks for the welcome everyone! For me, the Charizard 3DS XL is the best of the lot! That thing got me in a fire spin!



sinalefa said:

I would love to see a picture of that white model. The normal sized white one looked great.



ThreadShadow said:

The white XL is all white. Whereas the little white had a black face around the top screen and looked really sharp. The white XL has a all white face. Not as sharp looking but still really nice.



Shiromikio said:

Good move on Nintendo of Europe's part, getting the special edition out in time for the holiday shopping. Hopefully NoA will do the same. As the song goes: "I'm dreaming of a white XL ..."

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