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Walmart Offers Layaway and Midnight Pickup For Wii U

Posted by Shaan Joshi

Attention shoppers!

Wii U pre-orders have been selling out left and right, with most major retailers no longer taking pre-orders in North America. However, this past Sunday Walmart came to the rescue, as it has announced that it will take pre-orders for Nintendo's upcoming system.

To make things even more affordable, Walmart is also offering layaway on Wii U pre-orders until November 1. According to The Examiner, there is a two-system limit per customer, and you'll have to make a down-payment of 10%, including tax. Once you have your system pre-ordered, you'll be able to pick it up at 12:01 AM come November 18.

Will you be getting in on this offer?


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NorthLightSuplx said:

Got mine pre-ordered from wal-mart Sunday @ 9:30 a.m.

I had to talk to 3 people before anybody knew what I was talking about but it all worked out fine.



Hokori said:

@SkywardLink98 deluxe
also everyone knew what I was talking about, which was cool the problem was people kept telling me I had to preorder in electronics and when I went there they said layaway and send me back to electronics



Lan said:

Cool, I'll probably pick one up from there. Hope my employee discount works for preorders



rjejr said:

This was on the front page on the Sunday Walmart ad, big and black and right in the middle w/ the $349.96 price. Technically it didn't use the term "pre-order" but it did say supplies are limited.



McHaggis said:

Heh, I was in my local GAME store earlier, and the store colleague said he didn't think they'd do a midnight launch because it wasn't a big console like the PS3 or 360. I think he was trolling me



NorthLightSuplx said:

My understanding is only the deluxe version can be pre-ordered via this method and be sure to ask to speak to a manager if nobody knows what you are talking about. Start with the lay-a-way department.



Sam_Loser2 said:

Looks like This may be what I do. Won't get a ton of reward points from Gamestop, but I need this on launch day.



Tasuki said:

Let the stampede begin. I already have mine pre ordered from Best Buy, since for some reason Amazon doesn't deal with Nintendo products directly.



LolWut said:

I imagine midnight pick-up at wal-mart becoming potentially dangerous, as opposed to GameStop (my buddy got stabbed after he got his ps3). But mine are in the same shopping center... :0



Squiggle55 said:

You guys rock. I ordered mine today. It looked like the only option was the deluxe one which was just fine by me.



Auracle said:

I just saw the add for this yesterday. I wonder how fast it will sell out...




I highly doubt that the 32 GB Black Wii U Premium Bundle is the option WAL-MART is giving ppl to put on layaway, then come and pick it up for when it comes in. The way how I see things, they can be REAL deceiving when they do something like this. Next thing you know, when you walk into the store to get one, they would probably say something like, "oh no, that's only for the 8 GB White Wii U Basic Bundle."



zachary67 said:

There's probably still time to get it folks. I just went there today and put it on layaway. It seems no one even knew about it as there were just two names written on "the list" mine and some other guys name. Anyway, its the real deal. You get the black deluxe version for $350 and must leave a 10% down payment which came out to be $42 something for me. Everywhere else its already sold out, this might be last place to try. Good luck.





They can go ahead and advertise something like that in their store paper. But the way how I see it, they can go ahead and turn around and say that it was mean't for the $299 8 GB White Wii U Basic Bundle just at the snap of a finger. It happens every now and then, more of the times it does than it not happening.




Gosh, I really hate Walmart. They are ruining our country and collaborating with cheaters. Screw them >:{



WaxxyOne said:

@3DSLUIGI I just got back from putting mine on layaway at my local Walmart here in Idaho. The employee showed me the paper they were sent, including the image of a genuine Wii U Deluxe Set with the correct box, price tag, and the exact naming Nintendo used when announcing it. If Walmart is setting up to pull a fast-one, they're in for thousands of lawsuits. You should be more trusting.

Thanks for posting this NintendoLife! After missing the initial preorder rush, it's a huge weight off my shoulders to know I'm going to have a system waiting for me on launch day!

EDIT: Is it just me or does 3DSLUIGI seem really negative about this whole thing? Let me guess, you've got a few dozen sets on preorder and Ebay auctions for each of them with a buyout of $1000 or so, right? Guess you wouldn't want legitimate deals like this taking away your potential business and driving your price down would you?

(P.S. I'm kidding. Mostly...)



WarioPower said:

Just might do this.. Or just wait for the next shipment after the first one sells out..



CaramelK said:

I happen to know what they're talking about, but only if its about my area, and video games...

I preordered mine from Wally World. I was the first in line. I asked they guy who worked in layaway how many preordered for the day, he said about 12.





You got some nerve saying that to me man. First of to begin with, I'm no seller NOR do I do eBay to begin with. Second, how dare you imply that I would do something like that when I never had a chance to begin with to pre-order a Wii U. That's just low. And the reason I say what I'm saying about this whole thing involving WAL-MART is because I been through this kind of thing before where they if have something advertised in the paper. Then when I go to ask them about it when I'm interested, they usually have no clue what I'm talking about at all and think I'm out of my mind making me look like a fool. Sorry, I don't like being made a fool out of that way at their expense.



StarDust4Ever said:

I did the right thing and drove to Gamestop as soon as the press conference was over. 32Gbyte deluxe bundle reserved. I'll have to ask GameStop if they're doing a midnight launch though. It will be fun to walk past the droves of people standing in line with my shiny black Wii-U.



TheAmazingRaccoon said:

I am going to be treating my ebgames premium preorder like a layby (layaway) even though they don't offer it. There is no way I will pay it all by launch, but there is no maximum time they will keep it for; so I will just pay it off at my leisure.

I missed out on the black wii, I am not going to miss out on a black wiiu (I do wish there was a yellow wiiu at launch though black is the next best thing).



Mr_Tru83 said:

@potomas @dirtyplastic Layaway is a program offered by stores and shops that allows you to put any merchandise you want to purchase on hold and pay on it over time until it's all paid off...



joe639 said:

Did my preorder Tuesday....showed lady the flyer asked if they had any left for layaway she said yes scaned memo with bar code rang me up....painless out n less them 10 mins....was told when they came n layaway orders were first to b put up n labeled



mpjds said:

Hi everyone, I just got my wii u on layaway at walmart and I was wondering if anyone knows if it means I automatically get one on launch date or do I have to wait in line at walmart? I'm so excited and if I have to wait in line so be it I am not missing it on launch day. Any input will much appreciated.

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