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EA: FIFA 13 on Wii U is "Laying the Foundation"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Ultimate Team missing as Wii U's online is in its "infancy"

FIFA 13 on Wii U was inevitable, as EA is always keen to bring one of its biggest franchises to every system possible. Occasionally it's a little too keen and churns out yearly updates that are barely updates at all, or in the now-infamous case of FIFA 13 on Wii, some releases aren't far off from being clones. The upcoming Wii U launch version, it seems, will be a mix of the old and the new.

In an interview with, producer of the Wii U version, Matt Prior, explained that transferring the game engine and setting the groundwork for future releases had necessitated a few omissions.

Some of the later improvements on 13 we weren't able to get into the game. So we've got version one. They've got version two.

...We can't take a feature they're working on because we get it working and they change it. We get it working and they change it, alongside all the challenges we already have. It's not technically feasible. Looking forward we could probably get parity now. But year one is always the most difficult because you're laying the foundation.

In terms of the game, if we're making FIFA 14 on the 360, we've got a solid platform and we know what we're working on. We can devote most of our time to new features. There's nothing that needs doing. You can just build on top of it.

With us, the vast majority of our time was building that foundation.

FIFA Ultimate Team, one of the most popular game modes introduced in recent times, has also failed to make the cut this time. Although Prior raises the increasingly touchy subject of Wii U's online infrastructure, he makes a valid point about how long it took for Xbox 360 and PS3 to host the feature.

We don't have Ultimate Team, purely and simply because Nintendo's online is in its infancy. It's building. FUT took five years to appear on 360 and PS3. They're very complex features. It's potentially something we could do further down the line. But in terms of initially getting the foundation set, that wouldn't have been technically feasible, because it is such a complex mode.

On the positive side, Prior highlighted the new features that are utilising the GamePad, in particular, while the title still flows at a solid 60 frames per second. This version, as we've highlighted previously, will have its own unique features such as a new viewpoint on the second screen for set pieces, as well as passing and shooting on the touch screen. Perhaps the most significant addition is Manager Mode, which allows tactical tweaks or substitutions on the fly or can allow a "casual" player, as Prior puts it, to assist and manage tactics intuitively on the touch screen while someone else plays.

We know there are a lot of casual gamers out there who love football, and by virtue of loving football are into FIFA. I mean, gone are the days when you had to be a gamer to appreciate games, right? Messi looks like Messi now. Anyone who loves football can relate to it.

But if you're a non-gamer up until this point you haven't been able to interact with it because you got on and your son or your brother hammered you eight nil. It wasn't a pleasurable experience. Now, they can hop on and by virtue of Manager Mode have fun but not that pressure of twitch.

Throw in five player multiplayer — one GamePad and four others — that can also be played in that way online, and FIFA 13 on Wii U does have some promise. Naturally, plenty will instead focus on what the title doesn't have in comparison to fellow HD consoles, as is often the case with launch day releases.

Are you looking forward to getting on the pitch with the Wii U début of FIFA, or are you unable to live without Ultimate Team mode? Let us know in the comments below.


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chiptoon said:

They could have put in 6 more months, released it later, and done a decent job. This is pretty weak.



spizzamarozzi said:

I want to see what Konami does with PES on WiiU first. Thing with football games on WiiU is we have to say au revoir to the old local multiplaying against non WiiU owners cos the bloody second controller costs a fortune



MAB said:

BenAV passed to Smitherenez! Smitherenez passes to MadAussie! MadAussie takes a shot but.... ohhhhhh he misses



TheRealThanos said:

That's not a certainty.
Fifa 13 at least has partial second screen multiplayer possibilities (you playing on the TV with the Wii U Pro Controller, a friend on the Wii U Game Pad) and of course, since there is no Wii U version of PES yet, we don't know what they are going to do...
Also, games using two Wii U Game Pads (as Nintendo themselves have already explained) aren't there yet, so even friends bringing one along when they visit you won't be necessary for quite some time to come.

Lol. Good one...



OorWullie said:

@spizzamarozzi They can just use a Pro controller instead or probably even the Nunchuk/remote combo.or classic controller.They aren't going to force everyone to use Gamepads... or are they?




Read the hands on play test on Nintendo Gamer website. Seems to indicate its a mixed bag of additional features and missing features when u compare it to the psbox consoles. Said that if you've only played FIFA on Nintendo consoles, your mind will be blown. However, if you've played it on PSBOX consoles, more of a difficult decision. Huge football fan, but only fleetingly dipped my toe in FIFA and PES. Lad loves the series but only has 10 and 11. Difficult decision for me whether to get it or not tbh.



Neonridr said:

@chiptoon actually the game only has a limited window to hit. Just like Madden and the NHL games always release around a certain time. If they were to hold off for 6 months they mine as well scrap the version and wait until Fifa 14 to release. At least the Wii U version has some enhanced visuals to give it a plus over the PS360 counterparts. But like Madden, this was to be expected.



thanos316 said:

hmmm this is not looking like a game i might pick up. i don't want to hear about the casual side of things. i want to hear the xbox 360 version has this feature and so will the wii u. i want all the bells and whistles and no casual crap. this is what turns me away from fifa the dumbing down crap. so no fifa ultimate team thats okay. but i want still want good online game play. hmm will they have online game play on this title. hope pes version is coming to the wii u soon



aaronsullivan said:

No one is going to buy a Wii U for this game, but it's there for those who want it and it's reasonably solid. Seems like reasonable trade-offs were made to me. The alternative was to NOT have one this year, right? Not be ready until the next one?

Hopefully there aren't too many titles that have these compromises though or Wii U could get an early reputation. :/



Slapshot said:

It's not near as bad of a cut as what EA's Madden 13 is getting on Wii U though.



luminalace said:

Considering I have enough games I want to buy I will probably skip Fifa 13 on Wii U after hearing this! However I am not a huge FIFA player so even if FIFA 14 has all the features, I am still not 100%!

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