As we wait for more big developers and franchises to commit to Wii U, we have one more that we can tick off the list today. FIFA 13 has been confirmed for Nintendo's upcoming console, with no solid release date but a variety of details being shared as part of the announcement in the Official Nintendo Magazine.

To get arguably the least important detail out of the way, EA producer Matt Prior — not the English cricketer, we assume — has stated that its visuals are "on a par with 360 and PS3 and we were even able to make some key graphical improvements". In terms of the controls and gameplay, it's unsurprising to hear that the title will make extensive use of the touchscreen on the GamePad, especially considering the initial experimentation that we've already seen with FIFA 12 on 3DS.

The GamePad touchscreen will be used in a variety of ways: you can tap on players when defending to man-mark or tackle, play passes, and when in range shake the controller or click the left analogue stick to aim shots with a touch. There'll also be the expected options to manage tactics and analyse statistics on the screen, but perhaps the most intriguing reveal is that free-kicks and set pieces can be targeted by lifting and moving the GamePad itself to view the pitch from the player's perspective. It'll be interesting to see how many of these features are intuitive and helpful, or whether some will feel awkward and unnecessary; we expect that most in-game actions will have standard control options too, in any case.

So, are you pleased with the news that FIFA 13 is coming to Wii U, and what do you think of the details so far?