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Trine 2: Director's Cut Will Include Exclusive Content, and Looks Gorgeous

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

An early download beauty

As part of yesterday's Wii U announcements, you no doubt spotted a brief cameo for Trine 2: Director's Cut. In the European broadcast Satoru Shibata — Nintendo of Europe's President — highlighted it first as part of a Wii U eShop segment, confirming that the new system's version will include exclusive content.

This title has been available for a while on Xbox 360, PS3 and the Steam platform on PC, and the Wii U version will include the previously released DLC expansion, The Goblin Menace. The Director's Cut will also have the new Magic Mayhem mode, which like the campaign supports up to three players in either local or online multiplayer. Below is a short trailer that Nintendo's released which is taken from the preview show; this is apparently an all-new level exclusive to Wii U, and shows that this is an early contender to be one of the best looking launch-period games on the system.

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Molotov said:

What An Excellent Looking Game. And I'm One Of Those Rare Nintendo Graphic Whores So That Says Smtn.



erv said:

eshop, awesome.

With online multiplayer I am seriously considering this at launch. Does anyone know what the reviews were in general?



shonenjump86 said:

Very positive, I played the demo on 360 and it's pretty good. I meant to buy a long time ago but it kinda slipped my radar.



motang said:

I loved the first one, and I am glad I didn't buy the second one yet, as I can get the Wii U version.



aaronsullivan said:

I have this on PC but haven't played it (Steam Summer Sale)... that does, indeed, look amazing.

Is it too much to ask to have a 2D-gameplay Metroid that looks this good?



ElDelEl said:

For all of you who haven't played it or only know the first game: Trine 2 is a fantastic game, one of the best I've played in recent memory (and quite a bit better and prettier than the already-great 1st installment). And while the extra content isn't quite enough to make me buy a WiiU at launch, I'm definitely super-jealous . But for the rest of you, I would consider this one of the most essential games for the system; in fact, if it was a brand new Nintendo exclusive, it would actually be a killer app for me, i.e., enough to make me buy at launch. Yes, it's that wonderful.



arrmixer said:

kool then this might be my second game I buy especially since its an eshop game

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