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Neko Entertainment Bringing Puddle to Wii U

Posted by Darren Calvert

Physics-based fun

Neko Entertainment has confirmed exclusively to Nintendo Life that it will be bringing Puddle to the Wii U eShop in the future. Puddle has previously been released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network.

The physics-based puzzle / platform game has you guiding a puddle of fluid to a goal by tilting around the environment. You've got to take advantage of friction, momentum and the unique properties of each liquid to escape fire, electricity, gaps and more. The fluid's movement is realistic, though, so watch out: tilt too quickly and you'll leave droplets behind; move too slowly and you won't be able to make jumps or your substance might evaporate.

The biggest enhancement for the Wii U version of Puddle — aside from the addition of GamePad support and a new achievement system — is a better difficulty curve for a sweeter learning experience, keeping it full of fun and discovery while avoiding frustration. The team has also optimised the code and polished the game up for Wii U.

Cédric Bache from Neko Entertainment praised Nintendo's involvement in getting developers up to speed with the Wii U:

Thanks to Nintendo support we could work on the Wii U dev kits for several months to be able to propose a polished and tuned version of Puddle for the future owners of the Wii U. The main idea was to take all we learned through the developments and enhancements of Puddle on the previous platforms and thanks to the fans, gamers and press constructive feedback (reviews, forum, blogs and our Facebook page) to propose a better experience and try to well fit to the Wii U features and specifications.

Neko's work on Nintendo's digital platforms doesn't end there; it's also planning to bring Cocoto Alien Brick Breaker to the 3DS eShop by the end of 2012. We hope to have more details on both of these titles for you soon.

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rjejr said:

I commented the other day I would never use a 6" screen to play a AAA HD title like Darksiders 2, but this would be perfect. Though honestly I hated the PS3 demo, it was unappealing after playing Fluidity. Nintendo finally got going on Wiiware and 3DS eShop w/ demos so hopefully that continues on the WiiU.



playlikemario said:

i have played this game when i had the PS Vita briefly and i like the way u can use the gyroscope and it was really fun, i assume that it will feature the same gameplay if not different to take advantage of the Wii U gamepad. we shall see.



accc said:

I played the demo on the Vita and it felt really slow and uninspired. I'll stick with Fluidity as well.



Void said:

It seems rather inferior to Fluidity, and with Fluidity: Spin Cycle coming, I thihk I'll get that instead with my limited budget.



ThreadShadow said:

No, this is a good one. It's got lots of challenge and variety, even just from playing the demo. Good artwork too. Fluidity is really great, but this one is great too, and more it's own thing. I'm going to get this for Wii U. Options for motion controls will be fun too.




Hydro venture in the EU. Great game. Best water based, physics game in the download world and there quite a few out there.



Ark said:

Beyond the obvious "you control liquids" mechanic, I'm not sure why this is being compared to Fluidity...much less how one could be 'inferior'.



Henmii said:

Another interesting game coming to the Wii u e-shop! The Wii u e-shop is really looking like something! I like that!

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