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Kingdom Hearts 3DS Sold Rather Well, Thanks Very Much

Posted by Damien McFerran

200,000 copies shifted stateside

Nintendo recently released sales figures which suggested that Kingdom Hearts 3DS: Dream Drop Distance shifted 180,000 copies.

This is a pretty respectable figure for an RPG, but it's not entirely accurate. Siliconera has been told by the NPD Group that Nintendo’s figures don’t account for the “Mark of Mastery” collector’s edition of the game - a fact which means that the actual total is much higher than 180,000.

Not content with vague statements, Siliconera pushed NPD for clarity and was told that the numbers were "well beyond" 200,000 units.

That's some pretty sweet numbers right there, which bodes well for future third-party 3DS software.


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ajcismo said:

Capcom should take note on other companies releasing quality properties in other countries like Square Enix does.



yobucky said:

Aww yeah nice! Just bought my copy today... can't wait to get into it. I'm happy to support any third party titles that are quality like this, not the kind of shovelware they often dump on nintendo consoles...



Chunky_Droid said:

Still playing through all the other ones to remind myself of the storyline, I have the 3DS game, and downloaded all the AR cards I don't have from Google images (Mark of Mastery edition not sold in Australia apparently!)

Love this series, glad it did well!



hYdeks said:

I still plan to buy this game, just been playing through New Super Mario Bros 2 I love the Kingdom Hearts series and hope the series stays on Nintendo platforms



Salnax said:

According to VGChartz, this is at about 800,000 worldwide. Admittedly, they have some accuracy problems, but I can imagine this selling a million worldwide easily by the end of the year.



Windy said:

KHDD is an excellent game and right now sits at the top of the not so big heep of action RPG's as the best you can get. Great game and great support from fans and Square. WTG Square keepem comin!



Emaan said:

This game better have sold well, its only a really important sequel in a popular RPG series.



RR529 said:

Good to hear. Going to try and get it (and/or Paper Mario: Sticker Star) for Christmas.



Gamer83 said:

Not bad... Now hopefully they have KH 3 ready to come out for Wii U (or any home console, I just want the game) by early 2014 at the very latest.



rayword45 said:

That's nice to hear.

It's still a shame that other great third-party titles didn't do as well, but it's an improvement (Nano Assault, Rhythm Thief, CRUSH3D although the original didn't sell either)



FamousQuest said:

I'll prolly be picking this up eventually, but either way it's encouraging to see quality (if not original) games get the sales they deserve.
Anything that helps the 3ds as a platform!

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