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Fri 7th Sep 2012

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FamousQuest commented on 3DS System Update Locks Out a Lot of Flashcard...:

Piracy is bad. The end.
However, the things that Nintendo has done that have made it so tempting for some could be easily remedied.
1) Patch that makes all LEGAL games region-free/playable on all legit devices.
2) Release more than a DRIPPING of VC games each week/month. It's unfathomable that Nintendo is doing this again after 2+ years of this BS on the Wii.
3) Repeat 2.

Victory for all.



FamousQuest commented on Nintendo announce Nintendo Network Premium:

It'll be interesting to see if if can hold a candle to PS+, which gave out like 10 free ps3 games (but the downloadable versions) in June, and more each month.
By all means Nintendo, surprise me.