The Ace Attorney series has never been a stranger to unusual trinkets and gameplay mechanics. Phoenix himself wielded the powerful Magatama to uncover the deepest of secrets, his protégé Apollo used his trusty bracelet to perceive subtle twitches and nervous habits, and Miles Edgeworth has been known to play a few rounds of Logic Chess.

To our delight, Capcom is switching things up again with Ace Attorney 5. This time around, the role of dedicated gadget user goes to Phoenix's new sidekick, Kokone Kizuki. Kizuki is a defense attorney, but as Phoenix' co-counsel she provides insight into witnesses through the use of her Heart Scope.

By using her Heart Scope, Kizuki lets the player see the emotions of another character when they testify; the device can detect when a witness is surprised, angry, happy, and sad. By comparing the emotions a witness experiences with the ones you would expect them to have, you can point out contradictions and press for more information.

You can check out the Heart Scope in the latest trailer for Ace Attorney 5.