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Rising Star Games To Publish Zero Escape In PAL Regions

Posted by Damien McFerran

OFLC rating breaks cover

999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors sequel Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward is coming to PAL territories courtesy of Rising Star Games.

The news has been confirmed by an OFLC rating, which was submitted on the 8th August. Interestingly, it lists the game as Virtue's Last Reward, omitting the Zero Escape portion of the title.

A curious mixture of visual novel, graphic adventure and puzzle game, Zero Escape looks set to be as unique as its predecessor. Aksys Games is publishing the title in North America, with 24th October being the last confirmed release date.

Rising Star Games has yet to give any confirmation of when it intends to bring the game to Europe and Australia, but we'll let you know the moment it does. In the meantime, the trailer for the Japanese version of the game can be seen below.

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EDIT: Rising Star Games has officially confirmed the release on its Facebook page.


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edhe said:


I was upset that we weren't going to get this. And as for 999, it can be safely imported, as DS games are region free.



Sogeman said:

Getting rid of the Zero Escape part makes sense since the first game never came out here. I just hope we get all the voice options.



Tsuchinoko said:

The original title is better. 極限脱出ADV 善人シボウデス Extreme Escape Adventure: Good People Die. I usually just refer to it as 善人死亡 (Zennin Shibou).



Araknie said:

Yeah sure great, but in europe with don't have the first chapter. If it's a sequel why would i buy it if i don't know the story from the first one because it's never released PAL?
Absolute skip.



sandwhich said:


1. You can import the previous game from the US, the original DS had no region lock so you can play it on any DS or 3DS (it's damn great, I recommend it).

2. From what I've heard, the stories are largely unrelated. This game has some nods to the previous one and one character returns, but you absolutely don't need to have played it to enjoy this.



Blaze said:

Great news! The original was one of my favourite DS games, so this news is awesome. We love you Rising Star!



LittleIrves said:

999 was freaking cool. A bit worried that this one won't have quite the wow factor, if only since there's more hype to live up to, while the first one was (for me, anyway) something of a out-of-nowhere surprise. But still, good to know other regions will get to experience this unique game.



sandwhich said:

Will Rising Star release Aksys' USA version or will they translate on their own, and if so, what differences will there (likely) be?



pariah164 said:

This is great news for PAL regions! Have some friends over there who loved 999, so they'll be stoked.

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