Last week we shared the news that Japanese gamers will be offered incentives for retail downloads, and that there'll be a Club Nintendo bonus in North America: this is against a context of the eShop downloads being full retail price. Purchases from the eShop aren't the only retail download option, of course, with download codes on sale via cards at retailers, and one question has been fairly dominant: will they be cheaper?

According to reports from Japan the answer is yes, but barely. Retailer Seven-Eleven has already released the download cards for New Super Mario Bros. 2 and Demon Training, despite the fact that the downloads won't be available until 28th July. In any case, Mario's latest adventure's cards are reportedly being sold for ¥4,480 — retail price is ¥4,800 — while the Demon Training equivalents are ¥3,580, reduced from the recommended retail of ¥3,800. Overall, that's a reduction in the ballpark of 6% for both titles: better than nothing, but not exactly earth-shattering.

It's possible that other retailers will undercut that price and competition may drive it down a little more, but it's a small saving so far for the digital option.