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NightSky Rated for North America

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

On its way at long last

NightSky has had a long, drawn out history in the eyes of many eager Nintendo gamers. The attractive action-physics puzzler was in the works for WiiWare way back in 2009, but then the updates went silent and we heard very little about it, the Wii release drifting away.

The good news is that the 3DS eShop appears to be going well for small developer and publishers, with a number of titles arriving on the service over recent months. Publisher Nicalis has recently been tweeting about NightSky on the handheld, publicly offering members of the media an opportunity to try it out at E3. It's now tweeted the news that the title has been rated by ESRB (E for Everyone) in North America, which means that it's on the way for Nintendo approval. An OFLC rating — Australia and New Zealand — is pending, and we hope that similar efforts are being made in Europe.

Hopefully the coming week will bring more news, but it looks like the long wait may be coming to an end.


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Popyman said:

Awesome! The eShop is redeeming a lot of broken promises from WiiWare developers, if only we could get Super Meat Boy...



Odnetnin said:

This is one of my favorite games ever, so I'll be buying it (for the third time) the second it hits the eShop.



LittleIrves said:

Been waiting for this for some time now.... very excited. Although I wonder if it might not use 3D on the top screen? With all those silhouettes, I wonder if ghosting will be a problem...



Corbs said:

It originally was not going to feature 3D. But things change sometimes, now don't they.



Pastry said:

I just beat this game on the PC but I think I'll probably pick it up if the price isn't TOO steep. The developer is definitely one of my favorites (Within a Deep Forest and Knytt Stories) and I'll be glad to see it supported.



RR529 said:

Can't wait! hope both this and Cave Story+ 3D come very soon. They'd make the wait for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance much, much more bearable



Radixxs said:

YEEEEEESSSSSSSSS. I've been waiting to play this game so I could play it first on a Nintendo console. After 3 years of waiting, I will immediately purchase a 3DS Download card onthe day of release. I'm going to enjoy every minute of this game, especially the soundtrack.



iphys said:

I'm not holding my breath. I gave up anticipating this game a long time ago.



Magikarp3 said:

Ah Nicalis, you've never successfully released a game for the eshop in Australia yet. Anyone want to make odds for which one comes first? At the moment, VVVVVV, Cave Story and Nightsky seem to be on pretty even chances!



Henmii said:

Well, Nicalis did a terrible, TERRIBLE job on wiiware. But they seem to fare better on DSiware/3DSware so far. Cave story already got released as DSiware. And then there is vvvvvv as 3DSware, I believe.



ArcanaXVI said:

I love Cave Story and VVVVVV, and I have a certain penchant for more artistic games, but I think I'll be passing on this one. I received NightSky for PC in a past Humble Bundle, and I frankly don't understand what all the fuss is about.



SandMan said:

"NightSky Rated for North America"

So was La-Mulana, look where that ended up.

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