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MCV has now spoken to an alternative retail source, which states that the quoted trade rate of £146 is liable for VAT at around £21.50, making the actual rate about £167.50. With GameStop already going close to that figure at £169.97, perhaps that will be the lower end of the price scale. Whether any retailers will willingly take a loss on its rate, in the hope of profits from other peripheral products and accessories, will become clear running up to launch.

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It was only announced a few days ago, but 3DS XL is already emerging as a source for potential price wars in the UK. As prices are set by retailers, there's plenty of scope for competition and fluctuation, with an early price of £179.99 from major retailers already being undercut by

In an interesting piece of news, MCV has been told by a retail source that the trade rate — what the stores pay for each unit — is £146. When 3DS was launched in March 2011 many retailers took their prices down to just above the trade rate in an effort to get customers into stores and, potentially, buy extra accessories and games.

If that trade rate is correct then there's reason to believe that prices will drop further before launch, with MVC speculating that some retailers may opt to go as low as £149.99 to attract customers.