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Zelda Rock Album Available Now

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Suitably epic

The Legend of Zelda is a franchise with immediately recognisable themes and soundtracks, which naturally prompts fans to produce their own arrangements and covers of the iconic music. In an interesting approach, one musician has opted to, in his words, produce a 'post-rock inspired rearrangement of Koji Kondo's music', giving it a new flavour in the process.

Cory Johnson's album, simply titled The Legend of Zelda, is available to listen to for free on Bandcamp, which also gives the option to download. The 23 tracks cover general themes from the series as well as game-specific music, all in a rock style.

We think it's rather good here in Nintendo Life Towers, but let us know what you think.


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Whopper744 said:

I am actually listening to Zelda music here at work, getting pumped for the concert I'm going late July.
I love rock music too! Can't wait to here this when I get home!



Yosher said:

They're.. not as good as they could have been, honestly. They tried making it a bit too fancy if you ask me. But they're still not too bad.



RevolverLink said:

I'll have to listen to it later today, but I can see that Majora's Mask features quite prominently in this album. Already, I am pleased.



AllanBow said:

I quickly heard some of these just now and they sound ok, Gonna listen to it later and make my opinion



ThePirateCaptain said:

I would also like to recommend the album Hymns of Light and Shadows which has some classic Zelda tunes played on an electric guitar. It is free so go check it out.



maC_N_Cheezer said:

Not trying to sound negative, but I could barely recognize any of the Zelda "sounds" from their playing. It sounded like they were showing off more than anything.
Horrible show! Horrible show indeed!



CommanderAudio said:

I am definitely not buying this, but seeing as so many vg remix albums on Bandcamp are pretty bad, these guys are an exception. I'll wait until VGM Choir make a zelda album though, thank you very much



bboy2970 said:

@Joshers: Which one are you going to? I'm probably going to the one in PA on either the 26th or 27th. Maybe if we're at the same one, we'll StreetPass!



drumsandperc92 said:

this is slightly misleading. it's not really a 'rock' album but i'd classify it as post rock. if you like explosions in the sky, if these trees could talk, caspian, god is an astranaut, you'll feel right at home with this album.
personally im loving it.
it's not quite as consistently on par as Explosions in the Sky (some tracks are really fantastic, some are just OK and some tracks, including "Zelda's Reprise" start off well but get kind of corny at parts, but then again are awesome in other parts!) overall good but inconsistent so all around a good album but not as great as it could have been.
i've heard orchestra (sounds most natural) and of course techno covers of this music (hate the techno but it works so well due to the fact that it sounds similar to the original 8 bit songs) but i never put two & two together for Zelda and post rock, but it's dripping with epicness. i could see this partnership between kojo's music and the post rock idiom working incredibly well as a soundtrack to a new, darker, much more serious, and epic Zelda game, but i don't foresee it happening lol.
Anyway, out of all Zelda cover albums and re instrumentations and arrangements etc, this album has them all beat hands down.
In fact, there are many songs on this album that stand alone on their own two feet, regardless of the zelda themes used, and if released as a post-rock band's original i'd love it just as much. all around very good....and you can't beat legally downloading this 23 track, 1.9 hour album for free!



TheMrFarquad said:

It's okay but I've never thought that Zelda worked particularly well in Rock/Metal form, it was always better in a more classical style.
Metroid, Starfox and F-Zero though work excelently when done as rock/metal remakes.



DJ_Triforce said:

I can't believe I spent my money on this.

I should have known. None of these video game cover people know how to record. The tones are awful, the arrangements are awful... even the guitars are out of tune. I have to be honest though, this is one of the best ones I've heard... Just not as good as it should be, considering the caliber of the original music compositions.

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