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Goooooal Europa 2012 Has the Best Name on DSiWare

Posted by James Newton

Count those Os

Let's play a game.

You're Cinemax, a DSiWare developer, and you're making a game about table football. Your past games have gone for the direct route when it comes to names: 90's Pool, Rytmik and, of course, Calculator. You're working on a table football game — what do you call it?

If you went for Table Football 2012, sorry — not good enough. Foosball Fun? Try harder. If your answer was Goooooal Europa 2012, pursue a career in games development.

Cinemax's game — the five Os are vital — comes to DSiWare later this year, complete with a single-player campaign mode with achievements, customise your team's strip and a mode where you kick bombs instead of balls, aiming to take out the opponent's players with well-aimed shots.

All this sounds pretty good to us. What do you think?

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AVahne said:

Might get this game if it's good. We have a table at home, but I don't really have many friends that want to play it.



HanuKwanzMasBif said:

About time. Foosball is the best thing that ever happened to sports and is about to be the best thing that ever happened to games.
Time to get ready for some hardcore foosballin'.



edhe said:

Ehhhhhh....Table Football doesn't sound too interesting, but It might be worth a punt. I doubt I could be as dissapointed with it as I was with Football Up anyway.

I wasn't aware Cinemax had published so many games - besides the Rytmik series - they don't seem to have that much of a pedigree, but I'll look forward to seeing how this one turns out.



MitchVogel said:

Haha for some reason I first read this as goooooal grandpa and was really confused for a minute!



ChristopherM said:

I don't want to get pedantic, but is this actually foosball? I thought foosball was the more popular version of table football with the players on horizontal rods?

However, I do remember a physical set like this in my local toyshop back in the 70s. A kind of alternative Subbuteo with the players in fixed positions.



James said:

@ChristopherM No you're right, it's not foosball, my mistake! My mind is boggled by how many possible variations there could be of tables + football.



JayceJa said:

i remember having a table soccer lego set that played like this, good memories, might pick it up with spare points sometime

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