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  • US 29th Mar 2012, 200 points


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    It's pool! In the 90's!

    The Berlin Wall has recently fallen, Seinfeld is dominating television and Justin Bieber has just been born. Yes, it's the 1990s and, for some reason, we're playing pool. We'll leave the jokes about the title to you folks in the comments, as 90's Pool doesn't really leave us in much of a mood for fun. And for a video game,...

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About The Game

Chalk up a victory with classic 90’s Pool, a fun and realistic pool simulator which will keep you playing for hours!

Compete against a human opponent or the computer, or play on your own in a campaign containing 20 different trick shot missions. The simple user interface lets you easily but accurately control the angle, speed and spin of the shot with your stylus. 3 different skill levels for the computer AI are available for advanced players as well as a realistic physics engine for a stunningly realistic simulation. Set up your shot, crack the cue ball into the pack and enjoy the entertaining gameplay! Hey, you might even improve your actual pool game.


  • Trick shot campaign with 20 missions
  • Simple interface with accurate control
  • Computer AI with 3 difficulty levels
  • Realistic physics engine