Slightly Mad Studios is bringing ambitious crowdfunded racer Project CARS to Wii U, and GoNintendo has unearthed a document detailing the team's plans for that touch screen controller.

Slightly Mad — previously responsible for Need for Speed: Shift and sequel Shift 2 Unleashed — listed its plans in an overview document:

Takes advantage of the Controller Screen, Touch, Gyroscope, and Frontfacing Camera...

  • Screen as primary view - Ie.. allowing you to transfer play of the game between the TV and on-the-go around the house
  • Screen as secondary view - Switch between rear-view mirror, overhead map, telemetry
  • Primary input method - Drive by tilting the controller, onscreen buttons replicate the buttons/switches on a real wheel (push to
    toggle on/off or flip up/down)
  • Secondary input method - Manage decisions in the pits (swiping through tire choices, setting fuel amount),
  • Camera - Personalize your profile, pose for the podium
  • Menu navigation method - Flick photos from your gallery to the TV, private chat with teammates

What do you think of these Wii U-exclusive features?