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Slightly Mad Reveals Project CARS Wii U Features

Posted by James Newton

Start your engines

Slightly Mad Studios is bringing ambitious crowdfunded racer Project CARS to Wii U, and GoNintendo has unearthed a document detailing the team's plans for that touch screen controller.

Slightly Mad — previously responsible for Need for Speed: Shift and sequel Shift 2 Unleashed — listed its plans in an overview document:

Takes advantage of the Controller Screen, Touch, Gyroscope, and Frontfacing Camera...

  • Screen as primary view - Ie.. allowing you to transfer play of the game between the TV and on-the-go around the house
  • Screen as secondary view - Switch between rear-view mirror, overhead map, telemetry
  • Primary input method - Drive by tilting the controller, onscreen buttons replicate the buttons/switches on a real wheel (push to
    toggle on/off or flip up/down)
  • Secondary input method - Manage decisions in the pits (swiping through tire choices, setting fuel amount),
  • Camera - Personalize your profile, pose for the podium
  • Menu navigation method - Flick photos from your gallery to the TV, private chat with teammates

What do you think of these Wii U-exclusive features?


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nfzeta007 said:

a good start, i can't wait to actually see how the customization of the cars is handled



Raylax said:

No tilt driving please, it just doesn't work terribly well. MKWii did it the best, but even there you were much better served plugging a GCN in.



RonF said:

As the controller has a camera, they could also implement some sort of head tracking to show lateral view in the TV screen. Anyway, this game seems to be a great alternative to Forza or Gran Turismo in a Nintendo console.



Ecto-1 said:

One of my favorite 360 games is Forza 4. When I get a Wii U, I might try this as it seems fairly similar in setup. Add in the extra features made possible by that controller, and I'm certainly interested. I'm still hoping to hear about decal creators though. It would be great to be able to draw designs onto the cars or even paste photos from the camera onto them. Ultimately, for me at least, it'll all depend on the cars. Give me some great classic American muscle cars and I'm sold.



misswliu81 said:

having seen the screenshots, it looks very impressive and i like the fact you have different types of cars. not just one.

can't wait for the game itself, hope it turns out great.



SonyFACE said:

Yes! Gyroscope steering! I tried this with MK7, and I'd be willing to try it again in a less frantic game.



onlyaman said:

Having the rear view in on the controller screen sounds absolutely fantastic, especially when driving in 1st person view. It will make it so much more fun (and feasible) to block oncoming cars.




These are the sort of idea's that could make an average more enjoyable, so I'm certainly looking forward to this game now!



capitalism said:

One of my most anticipated games for the system. The camera feature where you picture goes up on the podium after the race is awesome.

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