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Fire Emblem: Awakening Battles to Number One in Japanese Chart

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

An early victory

The latest Media Create Japanese chart results are in, and Fire Emblem: Awakening has stormed to the software number one position with an impressive 242,600 sales: more than the other nine top ten titles combined. The intriguing Code of Princess, an action-brawler on 3DS, made its debut at number two with a more modest 19,554 units being sold. Eight of the top ten titles are for 3DS, so it's been another strong week for the console.

In terms of hardware, 3DS was boosted by the new number one game title, presumably, with its total of 84,760 sales being higher than all other consoles combined. Interestingly, as pointed out by Andriasang, the Fire Emblem hardware bundle doesn't appear to have been included in Media Create's results due to it being sold exclusively on Nintendo's own online store. If that's the case, then it may have been an even better week for the company ahead of its annual financial results.

So Nintendo cleans up in Japan once again: is anyone surprised?


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RR529 said:

After reading these charts every week, I can only say that the Japanese people have the absolute BEST taste in games. Unchallengable fact. While games like COD, Madden, and a whole bunch of other FPS games dominate western charts, the whimsical and varied worlds of Mario, Kingdom Hearts, Monster Hunter, Kid Icarus, and others are given their true recognition over there.



Haxonberik said:

@RR529 Agreed, Id hope Nintendo and their games, along with others, to receive the recognition they deserve in the west. Look at Okami, a baddonkey game thats even hard to find used in America.



shingi_70 said:

Well Japan doesn't play as many organized sports as we do in America. And I'm not sure how fwnchises from Japan not doing well somehow means all the western games cant possibly been good.

Cmon on people.



Hokori said:

That's it I'm moving to Japan before years end, I'm tired of all the FPS praise here



Alienfish said:

I was born in the wrong country

Oh, well! Time to go and make some more Nintendo converts!



shingi_70 said:

The game is coming to America right.

I think the fire emblem series is more popular in Japan while advance wars is better over here.



SkywardLink98 said:

You know, it seems most Japanese gamers are smarter than 99% of american gamers. They actually buy good games, whereas we buy the same recycled garbage over and over. Call of Duty was good, but buy the what 10th time it was old.



Hokori said:

But people buy COD for the same online content, Zelda isn't the same every game, granted WW and TP seem similar but they are in fact different



shingi_70 said:

But COD of duty isn't the end all of western game devlppment and thinking so is pretyy ignorant. Isn't that like saying all Japanese game Sufis because all of the dynasty warriors games are the same.



Hokori said:

Skyrim is the only game from the west that I've seen that's actually "different"



shadowkaby said:

Fire emblem awakening as a domain name has been purchased by Nintendo(and links back to the NA site)...REJOICE!



Hokori said:

Yep I'm missing out just like most western gamers are missing out on great Japanese games



Hokori said:

Nope I just don't like the overrated praise FPS' are getting these days



RR529 said:

What I will say on the whole JPN VS West devs argument, is that (from what I've played) western games don't feel as varied. As for shooters this gen, I've played COD 2, COD: WAW, COD: MW2, Goldeneye 007, Battlefield 1943, Blacklight: Tango Down, and History Channel: Battle for the Pacific, and they all felt very similar. Seeing as most western charts are dominated by FPSs, it doesn't look like there's much variety in what "we" buy in comparison to Japan.



BenAV said:

Good to see this great series doing well, it's a shame that there's no way it'll do anywhere near this well anywhere else.



JonWahlgren said:

@RR529: Well when you play a bunch of FPS games that are really similar then of course you'll think the genre is same-y. Try something different - Left 4 Dead, Portal, Bulletstorm, Crysis, Syndicate or Red Steel 2. There's a lot more variety in the genre than CoD and it's followers would lead you to believe.

Anyway, on topic, I've never been much of a FE fan but I'm willing to give this one a try once it hits. Nice to see the series get the sales itS goodwill seems to have earned.



Objection said:

Great week for 3DS, hope that continues Westward so we continue to see these great titles!



Robo-goose said:

SUCK IT HAT- wait, Fire Emblem+3DS bundle? Is that like, with a limited edition 3DS based off of Fire Emblem!? Time to do some research!



Son said:

Yes I definitely agree on you. So Japan don't be greedy and share your games to the West. I will definitely buy Fire Emblem & Code of Princess even i run out of money because of it!



SyFyTy said:

Did anyone happen to notice the release date to the right of this article, it lists the US and EU as to be announced. Hopefully that's an indication that we will get it.

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