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April's Club Nintendo Rewards Are Now Available

Posted by James Newton

Two WiiWare and DSiWare on offer

With April now in full swing, Club Nintendo's updated the games on offer for a smattering of coins.

Here's what you can pick up for coins if you're a member of the North American Club Nintendo:


You, Me, and the Cubes — 200 coins
Excitebike: World Rally — 200 coins


Metal Torrent — 150 coins

Remember, the DSiWare codes will only work on 3DS consoles, so don't buy Metal Torrent if you have a DSi or DSi XL console.

Will you be getting anything?


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User Comments (26)



millarrp said:

I've already got ExciteBike:World Rally, but I'm thinking about getting You, Me, and the Cubes. Metal Torrent doesn't look like a game that would hold my interest for very long so I'm probably not going to bother



Chariblaze said:

Nifty. A bit odd to raise everything by 50 coins over what they'd normally be, but nifty.



JimLad said:

UH! ExciteBike for 200 coins!
Don't ever tell me Europe has it better for rewards>downloads.



LittleIrves said:

Anyone who hasn't already should try You, Me, and the Cubes. Love the atmosphere and oddity of that game. And it gets hard! Nifty little touches all throughout the presentation.



ejamer said:

My 3DS doesn't have any space left for DSi games (and I'm not a fan of swapping back and forth to the SD card) so I'll pass on Metal Torrent. Racing games aren't really my thing, so Excitebike doesn't interest either.

You, Me, and the Cubes? Now we're talking... I was thinking of buying that anyway, so getting it for "free" is awesome.

The only downside: I used to have a bunch of extra coins, but now they have mostly been spent. Will have to pick and choose which games to get more carefully, to take full advantage of what's left.



Mok said:

NoE doesn't even this offer. As usual their European customers are second-rate when it comes to good deals.



photofool83 said:

@ejamer: I might be wrong about this but I don't think the 3DS does the swapping back and forth thing like the DSi. I'm pretty sure if it's on your 3DS SD card it will show up on your main menu and is readily playable at all times.



Xerxes said:

I got so excited when you said 3DS VC!!! AHH! this list is so disappointing!



Lalivero said:

@photofool83 You can't play Dsiware games straight off the sd card and on top of that the system memory is horrible as it is.

I have maybe 10 dsiware titles on my 3ds atm and pretty much NO room to transfer the titles from my dsixl I still have without having to constantly switch my games on the 3ds from the sd card to the little system memory available in order for them to be playable, thus making the ones I have to move from system to sd to have room now in an unplayable state until I am finished at the moment with my current games on the system memory and send them back to the sd card, thus putting them in an unplayable state.



Alienfish said:

I have Metal Torrent and it is kind of a shallow game. It's fun, but it feels a little weird.



Dodger said:

I'm happy to see few complaints. We have an 8 out of 10 puzzle game and a 9 out of 10 version of Excitebikes with online multiplayer.

I'll probably skip this month though. I prefer handheld puzzle games and while I like online multiplayer, I also have people to play local multiplayer with which makes it kinda not worth it to me.

Anyways, it is interesting what they are doing with this. They are taking rather good games that are often ignored or forgotten and releasing them instead of Mario 64 and OoT.

I'm hoping for Super Mario RPG (fits with the somewhat ignored Mario spinoff games that have been released), Smash 64, Art Style: Pictobits, Freakyforms and Spotto. Those are games I've always considered getting...After I get this next game.



RR529 said:

Nothing for me this month. Oh well, I'm only about halfway into KI:U, and I've only begun to scratch the surface of Tales of the Abyss, so I likely wouldn't have the time to play the download anyways.



Tasuki said:

Nothing for me this month looks like another month of holding onto coins for me.



KingH3nrry said:

again, another disappointment. the rewards are getting worse and worse every month...



rayword45 said:


The hell are you all complaining about? Despite being a bit more expensive, this is the 2nd best week yet (First week for Fluidity and Pushmo).

You, Me and the Cubes is a fantastic little game, and IMO blows the past few months out of the water (if it were to be released alone)

Excitebike I cannot comment on, but it got good reviews.

Getting Metal Torrent most likely, and it looks a bit shallow, but hey, I like Bullet Hell games.



sinalefa said:

I don't think I will get anything this month, but I won't complain about it. It is not like Nintendo must cater to my taste each month.



Dreadjaws said:

I'd rather have the 3D Classics version of "Excitebike", and I have zero interest in "Metal Torrent". Now, "You, Me and the Cubes" sounds interesting.

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