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Skylanders Developer "Looking at Wii U NFC Technology"

Posted by James Newton

Giant sized controller ahoy

Yesterday's announcement of Skylanders Giants for Wii naturally led to questions of whether or not the game will head over to Wii U, particularly with Wii U's Near Field Communication functions that behave a little like Skylanders' figure-portal doohickey.

Toys for Bob CEO Paul Reiche III was tight-lipped about the possibilities when quizzed at the American Toy Fair, simply saying:

In terms of the Wii U, we're looking at it. All of the details about the NFC technology haven't been released to the public yet, and it's really interesting.

Slim pickings then, with Reiche refusing to talk more about how much experience Toys for Bob has had with the Wii U so far.

Let your Skylanders-Wii U crossovers run wild in the comments below.


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Portista said:

Hopefully they do release this for Wii U instead. Or maybe make this for Wii, and make a whole new game for Wii U!!! That would be awesome!!! And they all release the games in the same year! "The year of the Skylanders"!!! Sounds great already!!!



Drawdler said:

I don't care, as long as they make this game better. The first was far to plain and straightforward to hold my attention, a real disappointment, so here's hoping this one is different, and not a rushed copy-and-paste sequel.

Edit: I want that Byrd figure XD...



TheKingOfTown said:

Agreed. Maybe if I had bought the 3DS version, which got better reviews, I would like it better. But the Wii version is very boring in my opinion.



rjejr said:

I don't see any reason at all for them to make a WiiU version. While the WiiU may not be 3 Gamecubes duct taped together it's still an updated Wii and will work with Wii games. Nobody has a launch date or price for WiiU so no idea how many will be in peoples homes this coming holiday. Plus, every game will come with a portal, why bother selling a WiiU version w/o a portal and having to charge less? Maybe they'll make a WiiU version, but if they do you'll still need a portal, it won't work with the WiiU controller. Maybe in 2013 w/ the third one.
Oh yeah, the Game Overview Says - Players: 1. Is that correct? The current game is 2 player on all but the 3DS. My 2 sons were playing it together yesterday and having a blast, it would be a shame if it went down to 1 player.



Dorkvader said:

@rjejr you took the words right out of my mouth. But what if the Wiiu version did came out, and if you already own the Wii version you could just use that portal for it.



Maggots said:

@rjejr ... they could still probably play with the Wii U controller being the portal of power for all players... in fact I bet on the Wii U version there could be up to 4 people at once... place all 4 characters on the Wii U tablet controller... and use the Wii remotes to play as those characters. Problem solved.

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