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Skylanders Giants builds upon the breakthrough fundamentals of the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure™—merging the physical and virtual realms with an innovative line of cross-platform toy figures that have “brains,” which players everywhere can magically bring to life in the world of Skylands.

Using the mystical Portal of Power®, players once again lead a team of heroic skylanders in an all new adventure to save their world. Portal Masters will journey through new areas of Skylands, encountering new enemies, solving fun puzzles, overcoming different hazards and obstacles, and finding a variety of collectable rewards and treasure.

Skylanders Giants introduces twenty new characters, among them the super-sized Giants with powers to match as well as a set of figures with new lighting technology that builds on the magic of the toys.

Additionally, the game features new Hero Challenges, more Battle Mode gameplay, and advanced integration across console, handheld, mobile and the Skylanders online universe.

KEY FEATURES:Going Big: Skylanders Giants introduces eight new highly collectible figures that are twice the size of the main skylanders cast in both physical and virtual form. Their in-game powers and abilities reflect their colossal scale.

Bright Lights: Helping to further the real world magic of bringing toys to life, Skylanders Giants includes a set of characters that feature new lighting technology integrated into the toys, allowing the figure to light up when near or on the Portal of Power. These characters have additional in-game benefits as well. Batteries are not required.

Brand New Skylanders: Eight new regular sized skylanders, each with their own unique powers, abilities, and personality, join the adventure alongside the Giants.

Forward Compatibility: Every beloved character from Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure is 100% compatible with Skylanders Giants, leveled-up stats and customizations intact.

Wider Worlds: Portal Masters will see all new arenas and more gameplay options in Battle Mode for exciting head-to-head play, as well as enhanced Elemental Zones, new Hero Challenges, and other features that encourage players to collect and level up every character. Skylanders Giants also features closer integration with Skylanders Spyro’s UniverseSM the large online world that allows Portal Masters everywhere to greatly expand their Skylanders experience.

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Posted by Mike Mason

Big friendly giant

Fe, fi, fo, fum, we smell the coins of dads and mums. Since its first release on consoles last year, Skylanders has exploded into a multi-million dollar franchise and a children's favourite. What would have been a fairly standard hack-and-slash game by...

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The next instalment in the Skylanders series is Skylanders Giants, due out on Wii, PS3, 360 and mobile and handheld formats in late 2012. Get more information at http://wii.nintend

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mars83151 said:

I hear that that game is really awesome my friend has it it is awesome my parents said if i get good grades i could get the game.



Drawdler said:

@SkywardLink89 The Story mode if you just want to beat the final boss is probably actually shorter but collecting everything might take more time and there's TONS more to do with your figures. (Quests, etc.)



Nicoled said:

Can someone please help me?? How do I just choose one player? It won't let me just play alone. Have to do a battle with a second player. Please help!!



FireGamer said:

@Nicoled Maybe you should (if you have another wii remote) un sync it from the console and it should let you play with one skylander.

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