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3DS Still Top of the Japanese Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

A Happy New Year for Nintendo

In recent weeks Nintendo has been enjoying significant 3DS sales worldwide, making the most of the Holiday period. In Japan, the 3DS set a new console sales record for December, based on records that began in 1997. Although the festive period has now passed, it appears that sales of the handheld are continuing to do well.

The latest Media Create figures, as reported by Andriasang, once again confirm the 3DS as the top-selling console in Japan, selling over three times as many units as the second-placed PS3. Between 2nd and 8th January, a total of 240,819 units were sold, in comparison to 197,952 the previous week. Software for the handheld also dominated the top four positions in the chart, with Monster Hunter 3 G at number three and passing one million lifetime sales.

It's been a good start to 2012 for Nintendo in its homeland, and we'll keep an eye out for the European and North American chart results in the coming days.


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WingedSnagret said:

I can just hear the critics now "The 3DS has nowhere to go but down, Nintendo is doomed", who the heck are they kidding. The 3DS is almost at its prime!



Jono97 said:

I feel sorry for the Vita now... Only gaming stores sell them. And the 3DS is sold in every department store.



Spoony_Tech said:

That's insane. The 3ds is already approaching 13-14 million worldwide. ! Correct me if I'm wrong but is about to or already has passed the gamecube!?



warioswoods said:

No mention of Vita? Why not fan the flames a bit?

Vita still sold well under 50k, compared to that whopping 240k for 3DS. Flame amongst yourselves!



Gamer83 said:

Hopefully it continues because I still prefer dedicated handheld gaming systems to iphones and the like.



MegaAdam said:

I guess Nintendo didn't get the memo about dropping out of the hardware race and becoming a 3rd party/mobile developer.

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