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3DS Nears 3 Million Sales in Japan

Posted by James Newton

Mario Kart does the business too

3DS is selling better than ever, with Nintendo president Satoru Iwata telling the Nikkei newspaper (via Andriasang) the system is about to tip the scales at 3 million units sold in Japan — two weeks quicker than the DS reached the same milestone.

The news comes a week after Nintendo confirmed 3DS beat the DS's first-year sales in just eight months.

Iwata also spoke briefly of Mario Kart 7's sales in Japan, where the racer sold a staggering 420,000 units in its first week, about double the first week sales of Mario Kart DS.


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NintyMan said:

Mario Kart 7 topping Mario Kart DS is icing on the cake and this is a vindication of how Nintendo can fight their way back on top. It only gets better from here, folks.



TingLz said:

And what did I say? It was too soon to declare the 3DS a failure. I get a cookie now, yes?



Spoony_Tech said:

Have they even had monster hunter released yet? If not I would bump that up by another million by years end!



Chris720 said:

At the moment it seems the Vita is on a losing battle, but anything could happen. But way to go 3DS!



thanos316 said:

nintendo just prints money. well congrats to ninty. keep up the good work. just got a 3ds for the misse and super mario looks incredible. im about to just take it from her and keep it for myself. but i have a dsi and still have some good games on there to play till i get a 3ds myself..



FriedSquid said:

It would certainly be interesting to see if the PS Vita holds up with this competition.



Hokori said:

I love how a few months ago people said Nintendo was doomed
Hello theyve been through worse 6¥ isnt a lot of ¥ to go by and they still pulled through, granted that was a long time ago and they didnt have Videogames to help them out, but still



Glade said:

Well... they are getting all the good stuff... better eShop, more games available and... MH3G. Need I say more?

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