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Nintendo Patents Touch Pad for Wii Remote

Posted by James Newton

But to what end?

We've seen plenty of Wii controller patents in the past, not all of which saw the light of day — remember the inflatable horse and American football? Now the company's put out a patent for a Wii Remote touch-sensitive pad, as spotted by Siliconera.

The pad clips in the bottom of the Wii Remote and uses mirrors and infra red light to detect touch, with Nintendo suggesting it could be used for drawing or to add a mouse-like controller to the Wii.

Of course with Wii U on the horizon we have to question the timing of this patent: without a screen built into the pad it doesn't really bridge the gap between the Wii and Wii U experiences. Will we see this reach the light of day or is it destined to be another forgotten Nintendo patent?


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NinjaMario said:

Ummmmmmm... That's kinda weird. I dunno know bout u, but I'm hoping this thing NEVER comes out... (first comment yay!!)



linkdeku7 said:

Sort of a neat idea, but it looks a bit awkward. I think it's possible they could redesign it before it (if ever) is released.



jkgatling said:

seems WAY too late, probably wont really see the light of day, most likely a patent just so stop competition from doing something similar



Dyl_73 said:

checks calender
Nope, it's not April 1st.

That looks just plain stupid.



Linkuini said:


Optimist: If Nintendo's willing to patent something that silly-looking, they must have good ideas for it!

Pessimist: Who's gonna want to touch that?



NESguy94 said:

It's probably for the WiiU, meaning if you need motion plus, it will have to be built in.



Teh-Ray said:

And thus Nintendo figured out a cheaper alternative to having multiple extra touchpad screens for the WiiU... my guess.




You can use the wii's current controllers on the wii u right? So why wouldn't they try and investigate and patent things for that controller?




I know why they would use but it just looks like a vacum cleaner on it's backside and that's saying it nicely.



Olorin said:

It looks like it actually clips on at the top of the Wiimote and uses the Wiimote's intrared camera for the touch detection. Clever, but very impractical, so I doubt this will ever really be produced.



WertyYertrew said:

That's... interesting... I guess....

Not sure what games would possibly use it, but whatever....



Henmii said:

I don't think this comes out, since the Wii controller is on it's way out!



Capt_N said:

@Teh-Ray: #10 - Quite possibly. Since the Wii is on it's way out, Nintendo can now freely experiment w/ it. They don't risk losing money, as "that ship has sailed".

Experimenting doesn't necessarily mean it will be released however. They just now might feel they have some free time to experiment. Remember, the WiiU is almost done, form factor-wise, not (absolutely) finalized (on form factor). Edit: The Wii could be a great place to tinker w/ ideas for WiiU. Then again, this might not be N's thinking.



Molotov said:

Makes Perfect Sense As The WiiU Controller Is Too Big And Can Only Be Used In A Singular Or Dual Quantity While The WiiMote Can Be Used In The Maximum Quantity. As Such Adding The Basic Features Of The WiiU Controller (A Touchpad) Will Make It Resonate More With Their Next Gen Technology



Ichabod said:

Look ridiculous, but I don't think it's too late. Everyone has to remember, despite the advances of the new Wii U remote, most are still probably going to fall back on the more convenient Wiimote. At least, I'll prefer the smaller, lighter controller that actually fits into your hand.

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