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Mega Drive Strider Confirmed For European Virtual Console

Posted by James Newton

Good news, everyone!

After yesterday's rumour that Strider is coming to Wii Virtual Console we asked Capcom Europe exactly what's going on. We're now happy to report that the rumours were true: the Mega Drive version of Strider is coming to Virtual Console.

Interestingly the game — and fellow westward-bound VC title Super Street Fighter II with online play — are both being published by SEGA, not Capcom. We've reached out to SEGA for more information and will update when we hear more.

Update: SEGA has responded with "no comment".

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GigaFlanMan said:

Gotta love that americanised early 90's box art. The main character looks nothing like that in the game.



Link79 said:

This game better be alot cooler than that box art.
Looks like some guy from American Gladiators wearing purple spandex.



Dazza said:

This is great news, I can't wait!

Yeah the western boxart sucks, this was so often the case back then. Thankfully I had the Japanese import as a kid hehe



Bass_X0 said:

Gotta love love that americanised early 90's box art. The main character looks nothing like that in the game.

Bad box artwork Strider should be his next alternate costume in UMvC3. Just for the LOLs.



Ristar42 said:

This is one of those early Megadrive games with no PAL optimisation at 50Hz, I have the cart and can play that at 60Hz, so I wont get this version.
I would download Strider if it was the arcade version...



Klaarover said:

Strider Hiryū's Cypher looked cool at the time. This title could have been a good series, but it never happened.



DLightan23 said:

So there is also going to be a virtual console streetfighter with online mode? Is this not the best Wednesday news ever?



retro_player_22 said:

Leave it to Sega to do what Capcom and Nintendon't. Add online to an awesome game. Now if only they would do the same for games like Contra: Hard Corps then I would really jump for joy.



Ryno said:

Every piece of Strider on the VC news on Nintendolife I write the same thing; Strider is one of the best Genesis games!



daznsaz said:

remember playing this on stuck in my mind as one of the good ones.



LordTendoboy said:

Sega is "publishing" the Virtual Console version of Super Street Fighter 2? Why? Capcom made the game, not Sega.

I guess Capcom doesn't care about the Wii VC anymore.



JamieO said:

Great work by @James and Nintendo Life at confirming this news, I am a huge fan of Strider, because I appreciate Capcom's CPS-1 craftsmanship massively as a highlight of gaming in 1989/90.

@Ristar42 I hear what you are saying, playing a PAL 50HZ version will detract from the experience, particularly because Strider is such a fluid and acrobatic arcade experience. I think that the core run-somersault-and-slash gameplay dynamics will still hold up well at 50HZ though, especially for any Nintendo gamers who have not yet experienced this classic.

@tendoboy1984 To my knowledge, these early Mega Drive Capcom conversions were always published by SEGA. For example, on my Japanese box for MD Strider it has a SEGA logo, but there is only a small mention of 'Capcom1989/Reprogrammed Game', it does not even have the Capcom logo on the box. The same goes for the MD conversion of Forgotten Worlds.



Jazzem said:

Yeah, not to dampen the mood but the 50Hz version really does suffer, not just because of the gameplay but it's also one of those cases where the music is slowed down as well Shame as it's such a good game otherwise (though that final stage is rather infuriating)



JamieO said:

@Jazzem Good point, slowing down the music can undeniably alter the experience and the vibe of a game like this. That is taking into account that Strider's music is incredible, it is instrumental in accompanying the great graphics and varied level design, all of which combine to make Strider so brilliant.

With 17.5% slower gameplay and tunes, the game will feel very different, and not for the better

...and yep, the final stage is an absolute killer! The balance is great and then the last level batters me, it was one of the earliest games to use a boss rush of previous end baddies to suck a player dry of their credits.



Ristar42 said:


I've not played this one for ages but just tried the original PAL cart in 50Hz and 60Hz on a Megadrive.

The music played correctly in both, which is weird as I also thought I remembered that the music was slow in the PAL version... Oh well, seems the music may run at the correct speed afterall.

The fluid gameplay does suffer a bit at the slower speed, also there are the borders... still, not as badly as PAL Sonic!



JamieO said:

@Ristar42 Well then, that's actually great news, thanks for sharing mate.

In that case, PAL Wii gamers have little reason to miss this beauty of a game when it finally hits the European Virtual Console. Nice one!



misswliu81 said:

last time i saw strider on the latest marvel vs capcom 3 game, he looked like a proper ninja and very japanese-y. on the box art, he looks european.

anyhow, thank you capcom and SEGA.



SNK said:

Capcom should have brought the Arcade Version of Strider to the VC dont u think because after all it is the best version out of the lot.



Kurachi said:

i dont care about strider myself, but glad to see the wii's VC isnt dead yet



Satans_Therapist said:

I've only heard good things about this game and
I've wanted to play this for years now (and axelay)
without having to buy a megadrive.

I'm sure I read it was a diificult game though.

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