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How Do Bowser, Toad and Luigi Really Feel About Peach?

Posted by James Newton

Let them rap about it

Life lesson #1: you can never have too much Nintendo-themed hip hop.

Last month we told you about Heath McNease's album Straight Outta Console, and now we have Letters to Princess by rapper I B. Detailing the agony and frustration felt by Toad, Luigi and Bowser that Mario always manages to capture the heart of Princess Peach, it's a good slice of nerdy rap.

The video's below. Don't worry, it's clean.

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ToadFan said:

Doesn't Luigi like Daisy?
And Toad's never shown any affection to Peach.
And Bowser does like Peach,



IBTheRapper said:

@ToadFan Luigi wasn't around during the cartoons and only added into things later on. Toad is portrayed as the best friend, and does show affection but never comes out with it just like a person in real life in that position. I'm glad you agree on Bowser even though they portray him as a villain that wants to hurt her.

@DarkSquid I respect your opinion of finding it annoying, but whats cheap about it? Not trying to argue just curious.

@Toadfan Daisy wasn't around****



Odnetnin said:

Are you there? Are you there?
I think that's when I lol'd.

What game did that 3D Bowser come from?



Squiggle55 said:

@IB very cool for real. very clever. I have even listened multiple times to make sure I catch it all. thanks!



Bensei said:

Lyrics were okay, but the Music was uncoordinated and distracting. Not going onto my playlist



Odnetnin said:

@IB If you were going for a funny video, then I don't see how my comment wasn't positive.



IBTheRapper said:

@Bensei yes the transitions are out of key so I can understand that, I used 6 different samples throughout the song and they were not the same key, glad u like the lyrics, thanks for your opinion.



IBTheRapper said:

@dizzard and @Ben what about the rapping did you not like? Just the voice immediately and you stopped right away, or the words that i was rapping etc?



LordTendoboy said:

@Ben_Rage_V2 and @IBTheRapper
Just curious, have you ever heard of Duane and BrandO? (They aren't together anymore; Duane's new project is "Action Adventure World", and BrandO still goes by his stage name "The Amazing BrandO")



ZukutoBen said:

This how I think their relationships go.
Mario=Peach is his girlfriend
Luigi=Peach is his friend
Toad=He's a servant of Peach and has to try his best to save her
Bowser=He uses her as a tool to become King of whatever



IBTheRapper said:

@Benja Yes that is how the game portrays the relationships between them but the video is my opinion of what was going on beneath the surface.



IBTheRapper said:

@pizzacore Good assesment I'm glad you thought it was clever. When I was mixing it the 2nd half of Luigi's verse I was concerned may be a bit low because of all the things going on in being added with the beat. If that was the part you're referring to...good ear



GamerZack87 said:

Bottom line? Mario has Peach. Luigi has Daisy. Toad has Toadette. Bowser has...somebody (how else do you explain the Koopalings and Bowser Jr.?).
In other words, everybody's-a happy!



SkywardLink98 said:

12 seconds in and I turned it off.
Though you can kinda tell how the feel about her already.
Toad: Just another toad trying to help rescue the princess.
Luigi: I'm pretty sure he likes Daisy.
Bowser: Either he likes her, or he wants to rule the kingdom so bad he's willing to get married.

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