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3DS Double Sales in Japan After Star Fox and Flare Red Launch

Posted by James Newton

The Fox effect

Star Fox 64 3DS hits the West on 9th September, but it's already out in Japan and has given the console's sales a sizeable boost.

Between 11th and 17th July, the game shifted 32,475 units across the country, putting it in sixth position behind two PlayStation baseball games, Taiko Drum Master Portable DX on PSP, Puyo Puyo!! on DS and the first Wii entry in Level-5's popular football series, Inazuma Eleven Strikers.

The launch of the new Flare Red colour on 14th July also contributed to the sales, as 3DS leapt to 46,637 sales, up from 22,943 on the previous week, enough to put it well ahead of PSP's 26,551 weekly sales.

Elsewhere in the chart, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D helped itself to an extra 15,636 sales, putting it over the 250,000 mark since its release on 16th June.


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TheKingOfTown said:

I don't understand why the PSP is selling so well in Japan. And it seems like its been selling good since the 3DS came out.



PSICOffee said:

Shame Nintendo still thinks Star Fox isn't popular because his other games don't sell (jee wonder why). Maybe we'll get a good Star Fox sequel now.




If they released that sexy beast in the 'States (the red one, not the foxy one), then at least they would have one more sale guaranteed.



hYdeks said:

Sweet, good to hear sales are finally going up for an awesome system. I have star fox already pre-ordered, and ocarina of time 3d I'll be getting next month. Can't wait for the other great games to come out this year (MARIO!)



Link-Hero said:

See developers, games sell systems. If you actually release your games onto the 3DS, it might help it sell more and create a larger user base for more of your games to sell.

You now have no more excuses, go make and actually release your games already!



NassaDane said:

I need that Red 3DS. But still hate that black screen on top, takes away the whole point of being red.



Nintenzo said:

@NassaDane The reason the black bezel is there is so that the awesome colors of the system don't take away from the epic 3D effect.



motang said:

Oh the red colour, I wanted that one originally too day the 3DS didn't launch in the colour.

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