Since the uncovering of an Entertainment Software Rating Board classification of a 3DS Tetris game, additional details regarding said game have now cleared a couple of things up.

Speaking to Gamasutra, a representative from The Tetris Company clarified that the new game known simply as Tetris is being developed by Hudson. Previously announced as Tetris Axis, the game is expected to launch this October and will make an appearance at E3 2011.

Apart from bringing the franchise to the 3DS, The Tetris Company will soon be in a position to reveal a host of Tetris-licensed products. After the whirlwind that is E3, The Tetris Company is set to unveil the first wave of products at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada later this month. Officially licensed merchandise will include board, card and dice games, wall graphics, T-shirts, mugs and even Tetris-branded lottery tickets.

Other products that are being planned or in negotiation stages include Halloween costumes, puzzles, headwear, accessories, candy and other consumables, watches, slot machines and ― in true Tetris fashion ― furniture that slot together.