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Tetris Slots into Place this October on 3DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

The Tetris Company has other things planned too

Since the uncovering of an Entertainment Software Rating Board classification of a 3DS Tetris game, additional details regarding said game have now cleared a couple of things up.

Speaking to Gamasutra, a representative from The Tetris Company clarified that the new game known simply as Tetris is being developed by Hudson. Previously announced as Tetris Axis, the game is expected to launch this October and will make an appearance at E3 2011.

Apart from bringing the franchise to the 3DS, The Tetris Company will soon be in a position to reveal a host of Tetris-licensed products. After the whirlwind that is E3, The Tetris Company is set to unveil the first wave of products at the Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada later this month. Officially licensed merchandise will include board, card and dice games, wall graphics, T-shirts, mugs and even Tetris-branded lottery tickets.

Other products that are being planned or in negotiation stages include Halloween costumes, puzzles, headwear, accessories, candy and other consumables, watches, slot machines and ― in true Tetris fashion ― furniture that slot together.


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Omarzuqo said:

I've seen some Pac-man lottery tickets, now I'm gonna collect the tetris ones.



Henmii said:

So there is actually a Tetris company! I thought the licence of this franchise was all over the place.

And a new Tetris made by Hudson?! I thought only the mobile phone division in Japan was living! This means there is still hope for a new Adventure island or Bonk made by Hudson!

And about all the merchandising: Looks like this Tetris company means business!



Superducky said:

Tetris lottery tickets?
I'll be one long piece short of being a millionaire every time, mark my words.



daydreamer said:

I love Tetris! Wait, so is this tetris going to be 3D tetris? as it three dimensional tetris, where you can drop blocks from above and from sides? that would be awesome but I doubt it..



shinobi88 said:

Are they really putting out another version Tetris??!? I mean all the DS had was Tetris DS, Tetris Party Deluxe, Tetris Live. Only things I'm interested in are 1. Game Boy Tetris and 2. Some kind of Tetris spin-off in 3D



SpicyDuck said:

Tetris DS was awesome, if this on follows the same pattern with Nintendo characters I'll be all over it.

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