This version was good for multiplayer, but controls were terrible

Gamers still can't get enough of Tetris games. At least that's what Tetris Online seems to think, because a recent classification from the Entertainment Software Rating Board reveals we're in for more screen-filling tetromino fun that's as challenging as it is addictive.

The ESRB rating shows that Tetris is coming to the 3DS by way of Tetris Online ― who also published Tetris Party and Tetris Party Live, but whether it's a brand new retail entry in the franchise or a 3DS Virtual Console title remains unclear. Given that EA recently published a new, updated Tetris game on the PlayStation Network and App Store, it's entirely possible that 3DS gamers could look forward to a contemporary 3DSWare release.

It's worth mentioning that Hudson was supposed to be developing six 3DS titles, one of which was a Tetris game. With the company's recent absorption into Konami, the fate of these projects are still to be determined.