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Mario Kart 3DS Confirmed for This Christmas

Posted by James Newton

You'll have to shell out

Reggie Fils-Aime just confirmed that Mario Kart for 3DS will be released this Christmas across the world.

The video also showed off the new customisable karts that let you choose a base model, tyres and special ability, showing the karts going underwater, gliding and more.

You'll be able to buy this game at Christmas. Are you happy?

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FonistofCruxis said:

I will definitely be getting this later this year and the underwater racing and gliding sounds awesome and similar to Diddy Kong racing. I just saw the the trailer and it looks great!



NintyMan said:

During the trailer, I saw a track inspired by Donkey Kong Country Returns and retro tracks like Airship Fortress from Mario Kart DS, which excites me because I wanted Airship Fortress to be in this game. My sister pointed out that part of the music playing in the trailer comes from the Mario Kart 64 credits. Color me stoked!



fishman100 said:

The 3D had better be stunningly awesome

And I hope this is loaded with new tracks and characters!



Bigrat said:

Getting the video for it on the eShop. Finally a date, just wish it was sooner. Guess ima get something else like Zelds or a few eShop games.



Henmii said:

Yeah, this sounds like Diddy kong racing. Wich is awesome. By choosing a special ability you can experience the same track in a different way. For example: When you choose the hangglider you can't go underwater and vice versa. Or so it works, I suppose!



NGpenguin said:

This is a must buy for me. :3
Althought, its a long wait, at least we have a date. :3



Henmii said:

"there were no dirt bikes in the trailer, thank goodness. I am hopefull that they will NOT return"

I can forgive them for that because they are trying something else that's cool (hanggliders, propelers for underwater). But I want bikes again in the Mariokart for wii u. That's a must! Those bikes are much more fun then the carts! The return of tricks wouldn't hurt either.

By the way: It's very good that Retro studios is involved in the track creating. That's why there is also a track presumably based on Jungle japes from DKC Returns. I wonder if we also see Tiki's if this track is based on the DKC Returns version of Jungle japes.

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