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Connect Your Club Nintendo and eShop Accounts for Benefits

Posted by James Newton

You'll be seeing Stars

You've been able to link your Club Nintendo account to Nintendo's downloadable offerings for some time now, so it's no surprise that the upcoming eShop will offer the same option, with Nintendo Europe announcing a bonus 100 VIP Stars for users who link their accounts.

The connection can only be made once the eShop goes live — which we expect to happen within the next 12 hours — so don't go mashing F5 on your browser just yet. When the eShop is available, here's what to do next:

Go to Settings / Other on the far left of the Nintendo eShop Main Menu or click on the Menu button in the upper left corner of the lower screen and select Settings / Other from there.
Scroll down and select "Club Nintendo Account".
Enter your Club Nintendo email address and password.
Select "Link".

These VIP Stars are open to anyone who combines their accounts within the first three months of eShop availability, so no rush.


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Samholy said:

wow, 100 points! this is a life changer.
better than nothing. but they could have been a bit more generous there.
i dunno, like, save 50% on your first eshop buy.



legochesser said:

@all above: Better than nothing Think those "benefits are more like: "Fill in these lists full of over 9000 questions for 50 stars!!!!1!111!!!" but I give them a chance, make those benefits real benefits!



NintyMan said:

So the eShop is going to come sometime in the evening, right? This is America I'm talking about. Club Nintendo connection is vital for my eShop experience too!



_Joejoe_ said:

Well, atleast its not all we are getting. Ya know, the free excitebike game, Poke3Dex (Get it? I think it could stick!), and... uh... oh! Right! The internet browser! (Whiiiiichdoesn'tsupportflash... but maybe one day... trails off into own mind) Still, I don't think its that bad a swag.



Squiggle55 said:

any word on coins for the US for doing this? need to know if I should put off making the link until july b/c I already have platinum status this year



Token_Girl said:

You'd need to do it anyway to get points for downloadable titles, so nothing wrong with a nice little bonus.



James said:

Nintendo said Europe will get the update on June 7th, which is tomorrow. UK and EUers, get to bed!



Ren said:

I don't think this means anything for us in NA, we don't use stars and we don't really get real world bonus' in NA at Club N.



sylkirian said:

Well, importer like me won't get any club nintendo related gift anyway...
(it's too bad there is a PIN's left unused)



SpiritChaser2010 said:

Ok, it is now 9:41 pm CST by me here in the US..and STILL no update?? This is killing me here! Heck they should just give everyone points to shop with for making us wait...and wait.....and wait.......I have no idea what these "stars" are supposed to do...would rather have points to shop on haha!



Ernest_The_Crab said:

Hey, with those hundred stars I'd be finished with Super Mario Galaxy 2. Any mention on which ones they are?

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