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Xenoblade Chronicles Rated by OFLC

Posted by Zach Kaplan

The highly anticipated RPG is headed down under

The OFLC, Australia's ratings classification board, has just rated Xenoblade Chronicles, awarding the title an M for fantasy violence.

With this news, it's likely that an announcement of a North American release will be next, and you can rest assured that we'll keep our eyes peeled on the ESRB's new ratings list in case their evaluation pops up before E3. In any event, it's exciting that Australia will see the game on their store shelves. You can view the official rating here.


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WarioFan63 said:

Seeing as most of Nintendo's releases these days don't show up on the ESRB site until after they're released, I'd say Nintendo is very careful about letting games get "announced" through ESRB.



Kid_A said:

Those are some slick lookin' screenshots! I think I'm going to hold out for The Last Story and Pandora's Tower, though.



Zach said:

@Kid_A Not that I believe that one person's choice to buy or not to buy a game really affects a publisher's decision-making, but if Nintendo sees poor sales for Xenoblade, they probably will not think that those people are just holding out for Last Story and Pandora's Tower, they'll think that they won't sell either! All hypothetical, though.



Luigi_Wood said:

Este juego es RPG tipo Final Fantasy o el modo de pelea será más tipo aventura?

(This game is Final Fantasy RPG type mode or fight will be more like adventure?)
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Bankai said:

See? Told you all like a year ago that Nintendo wasn't going to go and buy a high-profile developer and then keep its games in Japan.



Kid_A said:

No, I think you're most likely correct. I also think that with the Wii's launch lineup being so weak this year, they just might go ahead and release their two other big RPG's out of sheer necessity. They've got to fill the year out with something.



Zach said:

@Kid_A Yeah, that was really silly of them to launch the Wii this year too, five years after it was available in stores.



moosa said:

@19 You mean it's not nearly so awesome? That's too bad.

I wasn't expecting an M rating. I bet they have potty mouths and the monsters squirt blood everywhere.



Spoony_Tech said:

I've been longing for some good rpgs on the wii. It looks like it will finally happen. I'm so happy.



erv said:

I am drooling over the prospect of a monster hunter like this in a free roaming world. Online of course.

Not happening on wii, but with the wii uberversion coming, that should happen. And it should be good. And I will buy it.

Still, this is offline only right? Turn based or real time?



Ryno said:

19. Aviator 03 May 2011, 07:07 BST
"Ahh, Crocodile Dundee, forever clouding America's view on Australia."

Foster's has been known to cloud some American's view on Australia as well.

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