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A Closer Look at UK's Pre-Order Ocarina 3D Bonus Gift

Posted by James Newton

Gold and shiny video

Readers who follow our own James Newton on Twitter may have seen this Tweet last weekend, which implied our hard-working and handsome News Editor (Okay, that's enough — Ed) was already in possession of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D. As it happens, the mystery box in his hand was not Link's upcoming four-dimensional adventure, but rather the Zelda pre-order incentive for UK gamers.

Instead of the cardboard sleeve some were expecting, the bonus is actually a sealed software box just like 3DS software itself, with the poster included inside.

The sleeve bears the game's North American box art in a shiny gold finish, not unlike the first release of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker. The rear shows screenshots, game information and even bears a bar code, meaning it can be used as a complete replacement for the game's original cover.

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As for the poster, one side depicts Link and Epona galloping across the countryside while the other shows Link and Ganondorf engaging in classic combat. Both sides of the poster can be seen in the gallery below.

For those interested in what's depicted on the sleeves inside, Rupees of various colours poke through the 3DS box gaps, with a picture of Young Link looking thoughtful hidden away in the corner.

With 17 days to go until the game launches in Europe, there's still time to nab one of these bonus items when you pre-order Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D at GAME.

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SuperLink said:

The posters are pretty cool, but otherwise...not a great gift. Australia had a much better one, with the actual ocarina and whatnot.



Morpheel said:

I want some bonuses too too bad amazon hasn't said anything about it.



legochesser said:

Looks nice , I've already pre-ordered the game here at the local game store, and I can't wait to get that LE box. But do you gat it when you buy the game on 17th June or when you pre-pay the game when pre-ordering it?

@James: Oh, I would also love to have that wallpaper when you share it :3



McGruber said:

What does the US get?! I preordered a long time ago and Gamestop said there isn't a preorder bonus! What kind of bs is that



Gavin_Rozee said:

So if I'm understanding correctly, as I preordered the game from the GAME website, when the package arrives it'll contain the following:

The game in it's Hyrule Field artwork case, plus an additional case with the gold artwork that has a poster inside?



bboy2970 said:

And North America is getting....what exactly?? I'm gonna feel seriously jipped if we don't get ANY bonuses when Europe is getting that cool poster and Australia (yes, AUSTRALIA!) is getting that sick ocarina! C'mon Nintendo! Give us SOMETHING!

EDIT: Just saw the link to the NA bonus. Its nice they're giving us something but I still really would have liked to have that ocarina Guess I'll have to go pay some obscene price on ebay for it...



Hardy83 said:

North America get's a crappy poster that was sold at Club Nintendo a while ago.

/clap NOA



McGruber said:

So is this game and it's bonus's supposed to be THE Zelda 25th Anniversary special Nintendo was hinting at before? I thought there was going to be something else?



Kizzi said:

I wish I had a british accent... makes everything sound so much cooler



Henmii said:

I say it again: The artwork of Link riding through Hyrule field looks awesome!



castor said:

My country sucks, videogame stuff is poorly managed in here, politicians don't care about people and just care about themselves and how they'll raise the tax on imported products, so the maximum Nintendo fans get here is nothing but default stock products, nothing less, nothing more... and expensive as hell...

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