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Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker Both on Mercenary Duties

Posted by Trevor Chan

Four just became more

When Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D producer Masachika Kawata hinted that the game will contain secret content that he thought fans would enjoy, that was enough to make many of you vocalise which Resident Evil characters you would like to see appear as unlockables. Looks like some of you may get your wish granted.

As reported by Siliconera, the latest issue of Famitsu has revealed two more characters that will make an appearance in the game. Aside from the four that have already been announced ― Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Jack Krauser, and Hunk ― the Japanese gaming magazine has revealed that Jill Valentine and Albert Wesker will also be included in the game.

We're not sure if they will be available from the start or whether they have to be unlocked in order to be playable, but fans of the series will definitely be happy about their inclusion. The official game page on Capcom's website dates the Japanese launch as 2nd June, so it looks like the West will have to wait until June at the earliest. Time to welcome back the first lady of survival horror, and also that traitorous, shades-wearing antagonist. Aww, we love him really.


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Cia said:

Yippee, two more campy, mediocre looking characters. Characters have always been the weak link of the series.



WaveGhoul said:

Leon(Mushroom cut sporting, arrogant fearless cop) and Claire(Mrs. Luinette the Clown) are the weakest links of the series. They both look like cartoons, especially with their debute in RE2. yeesh. A Fantastic game, with lame looking characters...I can't stand Ada either, she's easily got to be the worst. Chris, Jill and Barry are where it's at.

And speaking of Barry, he better make it in the roster! I wouldn't mind seeing Rebecca either. And get Krauser out of there, he's an a**hole.

Anyways, RE seriously needs a Reboot after Revelations. And it's great that Wesker has been officially killed off in RE5. His cheesy Matrix-bs'n time is up. RE needs new characters and a new start.



LordJumpMad said:

Jilll, she's a of member of S.T.A.R. you know.
I hope Berry makes the list,
who else would warn you about, almost becaming a Sandwich



Chunky_Droid said:

Jill: What was that?
Wesker: Maybe it's..... Chris..... Jill, will you go check it out?



Axoloth said:

As long as Jill isn't blond, I'm relatively happy. Obviously I'd prefer her original STARS attire, but what can you do.



WaveGhoul said:

LMAO, I love it when Barry says that last line haha.
Or when Wesker says,"DONT OPEN THAT DOOR!" Iol And I never thought any of this was comical back when I was 12 years old when I first played it. Maybe because voice acting was so new to gaming at 'that' time that i was just too blown away by it, and that i didn't have any standards towards it at all. It sounded great to me back in the day!



Chunky_Droid said:

As it did to me WaveBoy,

I especially love...
Barry (handing Jill ammunition, and not a weapon): Take this weapon, it's REAALLLY POWERFUL, it's effective against living things!
Jill: Thanks, Barry, but what about you?
Barry (raising hand, briefly showing Magnum, then quickly drawing back): I HAVE THIS!



Imerion said:

Trevor Chan wrote:

and also that traitorous, shades-wearing antagonist. Aww, we love him really.

Yep. I'll know who Ill play as.



WhiteTrashGuy said:

This game is for the fans, so Barry better make the cut. Since this game is just Mercenaries as a stand alone it should have every character possible!



Ravage said:

I want an unlockable sandwich costume for Jill! PLZKBAI!
I cannot believe I just wrote that...



Azikira said:

I miss the days when Jill wore her S.T.A.R.S. uniform and awesome berret <3
The new outfit is so boring



1080ike said:

My friend owes me five bucks; I bet him that Jill and Albert would be announced to be in the game first, he said Leon and Ada.
On another note, wouldn't it be cool if you could play as Nemesis? Ah, to dream...



TheGreenSpiny said:

Kruaser was the best from RE4, so I'm glad he's gonna be in this one, but I really want to see Billy Cohen in this one. Oh, and Rebecca Chambers while we're at it. I wanna see that awesome grenade melee attack she had in UC.

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