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1 Million Copies of Pokémon Black and White Sold in Europe

Posted by Trevor Chan

European Pokémon install base grows to a monster number

We recently learnt of the successful launch of the Pokémon Black and White games in the United States, and it seems they haven't been doing too badly in Europe either.

Since both Black and White versions of the latest Pokémon adventure were released into the European wilderness on 4th March, the games have sold over 1 million copies in just 10 days. This takes the total number of Pokémon titles that have been sold in Europe to 35 million units.

The news comes ahead of the Global Link website's launch later this month on 30th March. When the service goes live, gamers will be able to visit and upload their game data to access specialised content. Gamers will also be able to gain access to the Dream World, and the Global Battle Union where players can take part in mini-games and competitive battling, respectively. Both modes will allow players to interact with each other online.

Want to know what we thought of the Pokémon Black and White games? Read our review here to find out.


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Ai64 said:

Yahoo!! This has got to be on of the best selling games ever! Pokemon black & White rules!



Kirk said:

You know, if Nintendo actually bothered to make a fully current-gen version of Pokemon, same game design but with really cutting edge technology and execution etc, I really think it could be the best launch of all time and break any previous records.

They just keep making these tiny little increments however and that makes it really hard for anyone that's on the fence to decide to jump in because I'm pretty sure that just like me they are waiting for a true current-gen fully featured game before getting Pokemon again, rather than a slight improvement on the last one in some minor ways.

Imagine if they go all out and make a 3DS Pokemon game that is basically the same overall design as the current portable games, with the same basic gameplay and viewpoint, but that has fully 3D graphics for everything (the world and charcters) and in actual 3D too, with fully 3D battles (like Pokemon Stadium), and a fully featured multi-player online with maybe even some kind of persistent world where people could walk around, interact and battle each other...

I think that would get many of the long time fans sitting on fence, who maybe haven't played Pokemon much such the originals but really would like to get back into it again, to jump on board...



Highwinter said:

I think the problem is with data. The games take up a lot of memory which is obviously limiting the games in certain regards. This one does have fully animated Pokemon sprites in battle though, that must take up a stupid amount and have taken a considerable amount of time to do for 650 different Pokemon.

I think it's a fair bet that the next games will at least have 3D battles, the sprites are just going to become unmanageable.



TromaDogg said:

Must be just me then. I'm currently trying to get into Pokemon Black but just not enjoying it that and internet connectivity asides, it seems to be way too similar to the last game, and the game before that, and the game before that, and....well you get the picture.

Not saying it's a bad game (though it's not grabbing me as much as I hoped) but it's not thinking outside of the box and just catering to it's (admittedly huge) existing Kirk says, it's just more of the same with no significant additions or features to make any fence sitters think that it's a worthwhile investment.

I haven't bothered with the Pokemon franchise for a decade, and yet I'm still disappointed at it's lack of evolution from previous generation versions. I'll stick with it for now and hopefully it'll get better but I have my doubts.

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