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Night of the Sacrifice Will Get Hearts Pumping and Feet Walking

Posted by Trevor Chan

A horror game with a twist

Earlier this month it was announced that Marvelous would be bringing a horror game to the Wii that utilises the Wii Balance Board. With the peripheral predominantly used for health and fitness games, the idea of using the board for something as unrelated as the horror genre was both interesting and puzzling. Well, Famitsu has now shed some light on how the board will be utilised in Ikenie no Yoru, or Night of the Sacrifice, as well as other game details.

The game follows a group of college students who think it's a good idea to take a trip down to a ravine, where legends tell of sacrificial rituals having once been performed. The characters have a distinctly separate art-style to the game's backgrounds, with each one flat-shaded in a different colour. However, it appears that two of them won't be controllable.

As players explore the mansion that they are staying in and the nearby ravine, the Wii Remote will be used as a torch to light up the way. Aside from meeting a mysterious girl that forms a bond with one of the students, strange creatures will attack you but unfortunately they can't be defeated, as such. Instead, players will have to run away to avoid being hurt, which brings us onto the implementation of the Wii Balance Board. Players will tread on the board to make their in-game characters walk. A second player can join in on the action by using a Wii Remote to stop attacking enemies.

With a Japanese release scheduled for 24th March 2011, why not check out the trailer and tell us if you think it will/should get a western release?


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47drift said:

Big fan of how this looks. Feels like realistic/gritty game meets Feel the Magic.




Not for me, but hopefully this'll turn out good as it'd be good for the system's library quality.



Sneaker13 said:

Sounds awesome and if it reaches Europe, it will be a reason for me to get a Balance Board.



BlueBandanaJake said:

I like the idea alot, and I like that art direction (so far). This one looks interesting, so I'll have my eyes open.



DannyBoyTheDude said:

I never did like horror games, and the balance board idea sounds a little tacky. Nice caption on the picture, though.



FonistofCruxis said:

I don't like the project rub style graphics for the main characters but it still looks like a pretty good game and it this comes to eu, I might have a reason to get a balance board.



wiiandthekid said:

this is an interesting gameplay idea. it might suck that your physical fitness might have an effect on how well you can play the game. survival horror fans might want to start on the treadmill now. ha!



accc said:

That looks pretty awesome, hope it comes out in the US and that it can be played without the balance board.



Objection said:

I saw this earlier this month and yeah,I really want it localized. I'm not holding out for it to happen, though. Still crying over Fatal Frame. And Disaster. Not really related, but I still want that game.



brandonbwii said:

Intriging. It seems fairly likely that this will get localized (I'm sure XSeed and Ignition are paying attention) though I'm not sure this would be for me. Something about it seems destined for poor reviews (cough Calling cough).



brandonbwii said:

It sounds a little weird. So you walk in place to move in game? I just got Kinect as I LOVE games that focus on physicality. Really need more info.

This isn't the first original use for the balance board I've heard. A BB based Street Fighter game was pitched but was later cancelled.

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