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Super Monkey Ball 3DS Site Rolls Up with New Information

Posted by James Newton

It's all in Japanese, though

If, like us, you're itching to get your hands on some Super Monkey Ball action for 3DS, the game's official website might ramp up that excitement just a little bit.

Whilst we already knew the title would include the popular Monkey Race and Monkey Fight modes, the first screenshots show off the monkeys in cars and wielding hammers, a distinct departure from the modes' roots. There's also some seasonal wallpapers, including a pair of Thanksgiving-related pictures for those of you recovering from the festivities.

If you want to check out the excitement for yourself, you can visit the official Super Monkey Ball 3DS website for all your spherical simian needs.

Super Monkey Ball for 3DS is due for release in Spring 2011, and we'll keep you up to speed with its development.

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TKOWL said:

Hopefully this'll be as good as the first two. Super Monkey Ball 2 especially was the bomb.




On my insta-buy list along with Kororimpa 3DS.

Gyroscopic tilt control or analogue pad control with 3D?! Yes please



Punny said:

I agree with Dragoon. I want this game to be better than Step and Roll.



akacesfan said:

Step and Roll was too easy, the only hard world is the last world and even then it isn't THAT hard.



X-145 said:

Super monkey ball deluxe was my favorite of all the ones I've played (This, Touch and Roll, & adventure, which are also good games). I'm getting this, definatly! I just hope it has challenge mode and monkey boxing, too.

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