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Nintendo Shifts 1.5 Million Consoles During Black Friday Week

Posted by Trevor Chan

Almost a million DS systems alone

Black Friday proved to be a very prosperous period for Nintendo as the various bundle packs that have been rolled out helped the company shift an impressive number of units in less than a week.

Between Sunday 21st November and Saturday 27th November, consumers snapped up 900,000 units of the DS range of handhelds and 600,000 Wii home consoles ― that's around 1.5 million combined units. To put it another way, the President at Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime reveals that internal estimates show that:

U.S. shoppers bought about 9,000 Nintendo hardware systems nonstop for every hour of every day during the week of Black Friday.

Shoppers were clearly tempted by the various console bundles in order to get the most with their money, and the limited edition colours couldn't have hurt. In celebrating the 25th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., the special red versions of the Wii and DSi XL, and the recently announced orange and green editions of the DSi all came bundled with games and were no doubt big sellers. With over half a million Wii consoles shifted in under a week, that's certainly a step closer to that magic number.

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Junkface said:

I would never have been able to wait this long but I think the bundles they came out with are really great. The DsiXL one in particular; what better a first game than Mario Kart Ds? One of my favorite Ds games and one of my favorite Mario Karts.



Arigner said:

Mabe the magic 45M will be attained during the holidays and a bit after... please...



Epic said:

Next Black Friday with 3DS will add some numbers to sales.



DrCruse said:

Pretty impressive.

EDIT: I just realized that if the DS keeps this up for a few more years (not likely after the 3DS launch) it might just steal the PS2's title of "Best Selling Video game console of all time"



NintyMan said:

There goes any thought of Kinect and Move being a threat to Nintendo this Christmas. This doesn't suprise me, but it does delight me. Come on consumers, buy some more Wiis so the Super Wii can be brought to light!



TingLz said:

Makes sense. I lost count of how many people were holding red Wiis and DSis at Target on Black Friday



EdEN said:

@Arigner: Will all the great Wii games soon to be released what's the rush for having Nintendo's next console? The later it's released, the better specs and price they can have for us.



TLink9 said:

I feel bad for people that just got a ds/dsi because the 3ds comes out in 4 months (3 if in Japan)



IanUniacke said:

@JesusSaves: the ds is set to topple ps2's crown in the next week or so. Lifetime sales for the ds are set to smash the ps2's record. I predict about 150 to 180 million ds's over its full lifetime although the 180 is an outside chance.



GamesX99 said:

Wonder how many of them know about the 3DS thats gonna come out in 4 months....



Token_Girl said:

I bet most of the sales were DS Lites actually. All of the big box retailers were advertising them in their Sales flyers for only $90. Some people may have seen the bundles and decided to upgrade (or stores could have gotten rid of their stock of Lites early in the day, so people were stuck with DSi's), but you could buy a lite and a few games for the price of an XL bundle (and like it or not, most people don't know the difference between the lite and DSi).



outrun2sp said:

Cant see how anyone would buy a DS when the 3DS is out soon.

Surely casual gamers.



MeloMan said:

Sheesh, so how does that relate in terms of odds in the US? Like, 1 person in every 3 US households has a DS or something? Stats aren't my bag, but if anyone has those numbers, that in itself would be impressive



Lobster said:

@27 People like me who are impatient and whose DS's are in ratty old shape, about to break any second. Not that I bought one, but I've certainly thought about it, it's a long, cold four months until the 3DS to go without a handheld.

Anyway, WOW. I mean, on some level, it's not surprising considering all the red Wiis I know I saw being bought, but still. WOW.



Lobster said:

Also interesting, is that the 600K Wiis sold bring the US total to 31 million, or, as my dad pointed out to me, 10% of the population. Holy crap.

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