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Here's the Midna and Wolf Link Statue Photos You Wanted

Posted by James Newton

Looking good

We reported on this Midna and Wolf Link statue the other day, and now anyone wanting to pre-order the pair from Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess can see what their money is getting them, with the release of the first photos.

Available in two flavours – "exclusive" and "normal" – the only real difference seems to be the exclusive statue boasting LEDs in Midna's mane to bring the mood to life. Both boast some impressive details, even down to the colouring of Wolf Link's eyes and fur detailing, and if you're after grabbing one for yourself you'll have to act quick: pre-orders open today and are limited to 350 exclusive statues and 750 regular statues, at $349.99 and $329.99 respectively.

Are you tempted to pick up one of these statues?


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Raylax said:

Cool. $350 for a statue though, yikes. I don't even spend that much on the consoles to play the games their statues are based on xD



Bigdog said:

Yeah, waaaay too expensive. But complete hotness. I got the itch, but I just can't bring myself to blow that much on a statue. I probably would have a real dilemma if it was <$100, even though that's still some stack for something that really has no purpose.

Forget TP, to put it in better perspective, that's a Nintendo 3DS right there and maybe a game or two.



VGC said:

I wouldn't buy a statue just for decoration, unless it went with my room's theme. I wouldn't spend 350 bucks on one either.

What people waste their money on these days is not my business, neither is what they consider wasting money.



Pod said:

It's very nicely made. I don't really collect this kind of thing, particularly not at such a price, but I'm willing to bet they will be snatched up quickly.



Chris720 said:

Who's gonna be mad enough to spend 300 dollars on a statue? I'd at least expect it to be life size, and that's like a few months worth of games...

Nintendo, your little rip-off artists...

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