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THQ Shows Its Support by Bringing Multiple Titles to the 3DS

Posted by Trevor Chan

One of which will be a new brand

It's not only the gamers that are excited by the 3DS, it's the developers and publishers too. THQ has expressed its eagerness to supply titles for the handheld system by revealing various projects it has in store back at the E3 expo. Some were surprised to see franchises like Saints Row as one of the upcoming titles making it to the 3DS but Danny Bilson, Executive Vice President of Core Games at THQ, is confident in Nintendo's attempt at reaching out to the core gamers.

Speaking to Industry Gamers, Bilson states that no games have been officially announced yet, but revealed that three, maybe four THQ titles will make it to the 3DS. He goes on to explain that the important thing to do was not to bring franchises over to Nintendo's handheld simply because it's what might appeal to mature gamers, but what would look and play good on the machine:

We have about three games we’re preparing for 3DS. They’re games that we just felt would lend themselves best to that platform in 3D. We haven’t announced any of them yet. De Blob will be there but not until next Christmas, a year from Christmas. We have a new brand that we’re going to put on 3DS that’s really exciting and we’ll probably announce one of our other core brands, but we really looked at the platform and thought, “What activities do we have that would look and play the best on that and in 3D?” and that’s how we made our decisions. It wasn’t really about forcing mature in there or not, but we do have three titles that we’re preparing for 3DS, maybe four. We might have a fourth that we’re looking at from within our portfolio. It wasn’t about trying to get an M-rated game on there; it turned out that we looked at it as what would play the best and be the most fun in 3D and that’s how we made our choices.

With new hardware, Nintendo once again seems to be trying to persuade a "new" demographic that the 3DS will provide games that they want to play, similar to the Wii's hope of reaching out to its relatively "new" market when it first launched back in 2006. With the 3DS, THQ isn't sitting back and playing it safe as the company is taking a no-nonsense approach with its software support:

Well, I’m a big believer in it; I think it’s fantastic hardware. Like I said, we’ve greenlit three, maybe four games; that’s a lot. We are supporting it; we’re absolutely supporting it. I think it’s pretty exciting hardware and has a fresh look to it, obviously. You’ve seen it. The 3DS is really kind of amazing. We are supporting it, for sure. We’re not doing a “sit back and wait” thing. We’re actually betting with Nintendo that it’s going to be successful by developing three or four titles for it.


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irken004 said:

"Let's see if he delivers" Which will most likely be mediocre games, based on their track record.

Heck, their website says that 9/10 of their "Top 10 games" are WWE wrestling titles...



Objection said:

THQ isnt that strong of a publisher when it comes to diverse, quality titles, but its always good to have more third-party support.



zionich said:

I love seeing all the 3DS support, but dear God does it make the anticipation on waiting for it worse!!



TrevorTheChan said:

I'd like to see a UFC title. It doesn't even have to have fancy 3D effects, just solid controls, decent AI, and online play will do me.



Varoennauraa said:

NO!!!! NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep THQ away from my 3DS!!! They were among(many) of the worst Wii publishers! They will only weaken 3DS's image by releasing crap.



HolyMackerel said:

de Blob on the 3DS? Yes please!

Let's hope they don't get you to flip the device up to jump this time.



she_gamer said:

I'll take de Blob for sure... and I don't mind waiting since I'll be broke after getting the 3DS itself.



gatygun said:

well i'm really not that hyped about THQ there games overall are kinda crap.
this sounds like just another "new milky gimmick" device for them.

But then again, rather to much stuff available then to less.



JimLad said:

Road Rash, yeah! bring back Road Rash. That's what everyone wants, they may say otherwise (or you don't listen to them) but people want Road Rash man, seriously.



brandonbwii said:

It's sad because before the recession, THQ was readying quality games for Wii (google God: The Game). Also de Blob was great and Deadly Creatures showed the potential of Rainbow Studios. UDraw is quite ambitious as well. Oh and can't forget Lock's Quest on DS.

As for backlog of core titles, I wouldn't mind a "built-from-the-ground-up" version of Red Faction.



Soxvapor85 said:

Roadrash is a staple of my childhood I am with you guys just the thought of that game on a portable console brings a smile to my face.

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