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Sid Meier's Pirates! Walks the Wii Plank on October 8th

Posted by James Newton

Anchors aweigh and all that

Although the popularity of pirates took a sharp increase with the Pirates of the Caribbean films, discerning gamers will know it was cool to be a pirate way as far back as 1987 with the release of Sid Meier's Pirates!. Earlier this year, Wii owners danced a merry jig at the announcement that the game is on the way to their favourite machine, and the revelry can continue as 2K Games has unfurled a flag bearing the game's release date: October 8th.

Here's 2K to explain more of what trainee swashbucklers can expect from October.

On October 8, 2010, cast ye gaze upon the horizon, pray to Poseidon for fair seas and set sail for Sid Meier’s Pirates!, an entertaining journey for adventurous treasure hunters unlike anything ever experienced before for on Wii™ system. The classic Sid Meier’s Pirates! has been adapted for the Wii by 2K China, and is a swashbuckling adventure that allows aspiring buccaneers to earn their sea legs serving as captain of one of 27 fully customizable man-of-war ships while they explore the tropical 17th century Caribbean islands.

In Sid Meier’s Pirates! gamers can:

Descend upon unsuspecting seaside colonies armed with a motley crew of loyal seafaring scoundrels.

Embark on exhilarating missions, locate secret maps and discover treasure chests bursting with gold and jewels.
Use newfound riches to barter for supplies and build ships with stronger firepower and bigger sails for faster speed and better navigation.
Plunge head-first into exciting pirate ship battles, unleash a furious barrage of cannonballs and send nautical enemies to Davy Jones’ Locker.
Dispatch noisy blowhards using expert swordsmanship in clanging fights of sharp blades of steel.
Pursue and win the hearts of fair maidens through cunning tactics and charming good looks.

Overflowing with intense pirate action, Sid Meier’s Pirates! possesses a treasure chest of gameplay booty, including classic traditional mini-games from the franchise’s original title such as Sword Fighting, Ship Combat and Dancing - plus two Wii-exclusive mini-games mapped to the Wii controls - Bombardment and Lock Picking.

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siavm said:

I don't like ports and never played the series. So this game is definitely not on my radar. If this was a AAA game that they put on 360 and Ps3 I may care but they see the wii as only good for ports and carnival games. Hopefully the 3ds brings Nintendo back to the days that most gamers talk about third party wise. I was playing sega genesis at the time and did not have a nintendo system until the N64.



Shiryu said:

This was such an awesomely addictive game. Hope to see more of Sid Meyers re-imagined classics on the Wii (and of course, I hope they don't suck).



MakeMyBiscuit said:

Looking forward to this one!

It was a ground breaking game for the Xbox so it is nice to see it coming for the Wii with bonus features In truth, some of the older Xbox games had more effort put into them as far as gameplay and graphics than some modern Wii games.

I'll keep an eye on this one to help me decide between getting the Xbox or Wii version.



Egg_miester said:

i hope this does come out and doesn't end up like civ rev that was canceled near the last minute
sid meier is the man and the pc version was great i am hoping the wii is the same



Punny said:

No thanks, I don't like pirated games.

Just kidding. This looks promising.



edhe said:

"Yo-ho-ho and perhaps, I might venture, a bottle of rum into the bargain?"

If Europe never gets Uncharted Waters 2 on the VC, then I may settle for this. Despite it's retail price. It'll be released on my B-day too!




retrox said:

Hard for me to get excited over this, considering that I've worn this game out across 2 different platforms already. It's a good game, though. Hope the Wii does it justice.



Raylax said:

You guys should set up as the web's largest repository of pirate images.

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