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Let the Warm Glow of this Golden Sun Trailer Brighten Your Day

Posted by James Newton

The future's bright

It's been three long weeks since we got chance to play Camelot's upcoming RPG Golden Sun Dark Dawn, and our First Impressions only left us wanting more. This new Japanese trailer for the game has exactly the same effect.

With more Psynergies, Summons and simply stunning graphics than before, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn looks like it could be the biggest jewel atop the DS's RPG crown. Not convinced? This trailer has a minecart level in it. A minecart.

Sadly absent from Nintendo's most recent release schedule, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is still set for a Holiday 2010 release, so don't despair.

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Punny said:

This game looks as good as gold! This game despirately needs a release date before I put it at the top of my Most Wanted DS game for Christmas list!

I talk a lot about my Christmas list, don't I?



James said:

It's not the same people from the first Golden Sun - it's a completely new story



Fliptocat said:

4th party member! I think the guy in the blue coat is Isaac......

EDIT: Not Matthew, the guy next to him in the picture.



RyuZebian said:

No comment at the excellent picture text yet? "Camelot showers us with golden games?" I loved it, best naughty joke in a while! xD As for the trailer, it looked terrific! I'm really looking forward to this game, finally a reason to dust of my DSi...



AVahne said:


Anywho, can't wait to see the awesome summons in this game. I wonder how it'll render Iris.



Blakestationone said:

I loved the first two Golden Suns and this is looking like an absolute classic in the making - I wonder if they'll keep in the almost pointless 'yes/no' questions that made absolutely no difference to plot progression or indeed difference at all. Do you think they'll keep it in? Yes/No



abe8812 said:

Just got the first Golden Sun yesterday and I'm loving it. Looking forward to this one.



sonic_brawler95 said:

This game looks great! But I think Dragon Quest IX is enough epic RPG-ness for me at the moment.
Plus, I'm not the biggest fan of RPG's, Unless its Pokemon, Mario, Sonic, or, well, Dragon Quest IX



Rensch said:

Absolutely stunning! But I do not see anything I haven't seen in the first game I happen to be playing through right now.



TheNewestBooM said:

@Rensch - me either. its been a while since i last played a GS game, but it looks pretty much the same in ways of gameplay. if im not mistaken, the people are the children of those in the previous titles, so that means well have to learn the same moves over again... for a third time. itd be nice to see that the characters have the basics down from the get go (move, lift, cyclone, etc) to keep the monotony down a tad.



mjc0961 said:

@Blakey: I know what you mean, no matter how many times I told Jenna and Kraden that I wasn't going to go get the elemental stone things (sign I need to play again: forgetting what things are called), they just kept asking and asking! Sheesh!

Anyway did any other Pokémon players here think that one of the monsters shown in the battle sequences looks like some kind of Bidoof monster? Come on, 1:43, those are totally giant mutant Bidoofs.

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