These Gaming Figures are Great, But There's a Catch

Japanese Wonder Festival shows off Nintendo treats

Japan, video games and figurines go together like bacon, lettuce and tomato, and here's a particularly tasty sandwich of gaming figures from the latest Japanese Wonder Festival.

Monster Hunter Tri fans are well-served as always, with series stalwart Rathalos roaring wildly, hunters in sets of Rathalos and Lagiacrus armours and an array of Felynes and Melynxes. A Gravity Suited Samus Aran and her energy-sucking Metroid nemesis, Midna from Zelda: Twilight Princess and upcoming Okamiden lead Chibiterasu also feature heavily, alongside plenty of other gaming greats.

The catch? Sold as so-called garage kits, these figurines are unpainted and in need of assembly, so be wary of importing these unless you possess a potent combination of talent and patience, but for those willing to put in the hours these are undoubtedly fine figures. Some of them are unreleased and they're all currently Japan-only, just to add two more obstacles to your possession of these miniature marvels.

Check out galleries of the figurines over at Kotaku and the rest at Tomopop.


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