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Heavy Fire Rains Down on WiiWare on Monday

Posted by James Newton

Just 500 Points

We've already had chance to have a quick blast on Heavy Fire: Special Operations, the upcoming on-rails shooter from Teyon, and soon you'll get the chance to enlist as the game is due to hit North American WiiWare on Monday, costing just 500 Points.

With a heavy high-score focus, you unlock different weapons as you move up the ranks, which should hopefully extend the game's replay value. We'll have a full review shortly after the game's release next week, so check back to see if this one is worth a shot.

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47drift said:

No, Mickey. You really can't. I grew up in arcades playing on-rail shooters and I've tried as many as I can. You can't have enough. Especially in a gaming world where there are hardly as many as there used to be.



dizzy_boy said:

looks quite good. but for the price, it`ll probably be really short though.
the whole puzzle game genre is well and truely over saturated on the wiiware service now. so, i would just love to see more arcade style games come out, as i think these games would definitley thrive.



mecoy said:

whoa as have a 360 and wii and hearing good things about ps3 games i thought that said heavy rain fires down for only 500 points



Chris720 said:

500 points... On-rails... New weapons as you rank up... Score based... It sounds alright... BUT, it sounds awfully like CoD: On-rails.

If it has Online leaderboards and it comes to EU, I'm sold! I'd like a good ol' game... On-rails or not.



shake_zula said:

I hate to be negative, coz I really wanted this to do well, but it looks a bit dull. The enemies are static and they seem to be able to fire at you for extended periods without actually doing any damage... I'm not getting any vibe of intensity from this trailer, and intensity is something arcade-style games really need to score on.

500 points is also a cause for concern. :/ A weird thing to complain about, I know, but surely this is on the upper end of the WiiWare scale in terms of budget? I just can't imagine that it's been developed as a 500 point game, which makes me worry that Nintendo simply don't think it's very good.

I'll wait for a review though, because I'm a fan of the genre and I'd like to see an original effort like this do well.



CoffeeWithGames said:

Just from watching the video, the cursor movement seems very laggy and/or non-responsive.
Hopefully it's just the video, and not the game-play.



Kholdstare said:

...When i saw the article title i thought it was something about Heavy Rain ... the game



odd69 said:

Well i can have enough On rail shooters, especially when we have a bunch already on wiiware, This five dollar bill will go to something else.



MikeyMikeMike said:

Fitting music and co-op for 5 bucks. sounds good to me. hopefully there are leader boards but that won't make or break it for me. My real concern is its length. The weapon upgrading should help replay-ability a little bit, but I hope things like head-shots or shooting limbs before offing an enemy alter the score so there is something to chase. Also if there are difficulty settings I hope they are based on extra enemies or their placement. It's such a lazy attempt to lengthen a game when the difference of a difficulty setting is based on having less health or lives at the start.



SwerdMurd said:

looks kinda awful imo...reminds me of this god-awful konami lightgun game, Target: Terror (arguably the worst lightgun game ever made)



KrazyKain said:

looks like it plays more like Area 51 then lets say virtua cop or time crisis, which is a bit of a shame because i prefer the latter, but i can still see myself playing the crap out of this



XCWarrior said:

A good review from NL and I could be up for that. Looks like good fun for just $5.



iAmThetot said:

Difficulty option will make me get this. Online leader board would be a sweet bonus.



Ren said:

this looks like a really cheesy, but fun game. I love that video games are fancy enough now that even the worst games can be funny, and worth playing through once without being pissed about shelling out 50 bucks for it. this is why arcades were so fun back in the day.



StuffyStuff said:

This looks like something that belongs on addicting games. How about some more ports of arcade on-rail shooters. I'm up for Carnevil.



coyote37 said:

For 1000 points, this looks rubbish. For 500 points, it's almost a must buy! Budget pricing FTW!

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