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First Impressions: Heavy Fire: Special Operations

Posted by James Newton

We enlist for Teyon's war shooter

We've been bringing you regular field updates on Teyon's WiiWare lightgun shooter Heavy Fire: Special Operations since its announcement in April, and we recently got the chance to sit down and blast through two missions from the completed game.

Played out entirely on-rails, Heavy Fire is immediately reminiscent of arcade light gun shooters such as Operation Wolf. You stop automatically at certain locations along the route and hordes of enemies swarm the screen, but they're all terrible shots which gives you plenty of time to pick them off before they can set their sights on you, indicated by a marker above their heads. If they have chance to take aim and fire they'll shoot you (naturally), with three bullets enough to finish you off. For players reared on quick reaction shooters such as Virtua Cop it'll mean making a few adjustments: the screen is almost always filled with enemies, so rather than pick them off with clean, accurate shots your best bet is to hose them with bullets to take them out.

As you'd expect the controls are simple, with B to fire and reloading handled by a Remote shake, and playing with the Wii Zapper gives an appropriately arcadey feel. This feel is boosted by a heavy score element, with extra points given for taking out enemies quickly, with multiple hits or for hitting one of the leader characters that tend to hide within scenes. Scoring big points sees you move upwards in the military rankings, with better ranks giving you access to better guns, of course.

According to its official website, Heavy Fire: Special Operations will be ready for launch in North America on July 26th, so if it sounds like your cup of tea there isn't too much longer until you can give it a try yourself. Stay tuned for our full review shortly after the game's launch.

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EdEN said:

800-1,000 points will probably be the final price. Love on-rail shooters so I might get this one once reviews start appearing.



Kirk said:

Why is it always ******* shake to reload!

Just use a damn button for reloading for Christ's sake.

Unless it's not really shaking and you just have to point off-screen and fire, like in old arcade shooting games, and possibly people are just mistaking this for how you reload like they have done with a couple of other gun games on Wii.



Imerion said:

Some more info would have been nice, but I'll guess I just have to wait for the review. Good to hear it will be released soon. Hopefully that includes Europe as well.



James said:

@Kirk - It's definitely shake to reload, I can assure you. There's no alternate control for this either, so it'll have to be shake I'm afraid.

@Imerion - What would you like to know?



BulbasaurusRex said:

I don't know about this. For me, on-rails light gun games are kind of bland unless there's some kind of interesting mechanic like taking cover in the Time Crisis games.



Imerion said:

@Prosody: There were two things mainly that I was wondering about.

First, how long did the game seem to be? Two missions are mentioned, but do you know how many there are in total? And is there any extras included? (House of the Dead: Overkill had a "Director's Cut" mode, for example.)

And second, I was interested in hearing something about the graphics. They look very nice on the pictures, but I remember one of the trailers (probably the first one) feeling a bit choppy. That has probably been fixed by now, but how did the graphics seem to work? Does it look and play as nice as it seems to do?



accc said:

Wow, I can't believe someone actually has a problem with shaking to reload.
disbelief is one thing, but let's not resort to name-calling, plz -- TBD



naut said:

I have issues paying more than 500 points for a game with no save feature.



moosa said:

Ohhh, its on WiiWare. I was gonna say-- the graphics look like an early PS2 game with bloom lighting slapped on.



James said:

@Imerion It didn't mention how many missions are in the finished game - this is really just a demo for us. As for extras, again I don't know - there's a "secret code" revealed after you finish the game but I don't know its purpose.

The graphics are decent, lots of beige and brown (naturally) but some nice smoke effects and generally everything hangs together well. It's pretty smooth so yeah, good stuff.

@Nintendo-Naut Whereabouts did you read this has no save feature?



Imerion said:

@Prosody: Thanks for the extra info! I guessed there wasn't that much more to know, or you would have mentioned it. But asking never hurts.
Good to hear the graphics are smooth though. Then whatever problem the first trailer had is gone now.



KrazyKain said:

Me and my brother LOVE on rails shooters, but unfortunately they never really feel worth full retail price... wiiware on the other hand....

definetly a day one download

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